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Premier League Productions to produce Data Zone broadcasts

Published: Updated: 13:01, 4 Oct 2023
Production company of English top flight to partner with Genius Sports to create augmented data-driven live coverage of games

Premier League Productions, in collaboration with Genius Sports and Football DataCo, is set to revolutionize the way football fans engage with live matches through their innovative Data Zone broadcasts.

The Data Zone broadcasts, which were initially trialed by NBC in the US and Optus in Australia earlier this year, introduce a new viewing mode that enhances the live action with real-time statistics. This includes an L bar that displays a range of data such as passing accuracy, shot speeds, sprints, total distance travelled, touches in the final third, and pitch maps while the action is shown.

Data Zone broadcasts to revolutionise viewing experience for fans

In addition to these, the broadcasts also feature graphic overlays on the action itself to show key statistics. This augmented coverage aims to provide a more immersive and informative viewing experience for sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts alike.

Genius Sports, CEO Mark Locke, said:

“Through Premier League Productions and their international broadcast partners, Genius Sports is revolutionising the viewing experience for millions of Premier League fans around the world. Powered by our Second Spectrum AI technology, we deliver an enriched visual experience with advanced analytics and key performance metrics in the live broadcast.”

The first match to benefit from this advanced broadcasting technology will be the Arsenal v Manchester City game on Sunday, 8 October. The Data Zone broadcasts will not only include the aforementioned statistics but will also incorporate official Fantasy Premier League updates and rankings. This integration of real-time data and fantasy league updates is expected to add a new dimension to the viewing experience, making it more engaging and interactive.

A new way to watch the Premier League for fans around the world

Premier League Productions is the host broadcaster for Premier League overseas rights holders. Besides delivering live action, the company also produces shoulder content to accompany the live action. With the introduction of Data Zone broadcasts, Premier League Productions is set to redefine the way football is consumed globally.

The partnership between Premier League Productions, Genius Sports, and Football DataCo signifies a significant step forward in the evolution of sports broadcasting. By integrating real-time data and statistics into live broadcasts, they are enhancing the viewer's experience and providing a wealth of information that can be utilized by sports fans and sports betting fans alike.

As the world of sports continues to embrace technology, such innovations are set to become the norm, transforming the way we engage with and enjoy our favorite games.

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