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Piers Morgan mocks Chelsea post FA Cup final

Chelsea have dropped into Conference League after United’s FA Cup victory

Popular Arsenal fan and TV presenter, Piers Morgan, has taken to social media to mock Chelsea after their qualification for the Europa Conference League. The Blues' fate was sealed following the results of the FA Cup final between Manchester City and Manchester United.

Chelsea finished sixth in the Premier League, securing them a spot in Europe. However, their specific place in European competition hinged on who would emerge victorious from the FA Cup final.

Manchester City and Manchester United battled it out at Wembley on Sunday (May 25). If City had won, it would have propelled Chelsea into a spot in the Europa League. This outcome would have also seen Newcastle United, who finished seventh in Premier League standings, playing in the Conference League.

The unexpected turn of events

However, things didn't go as planned for Chelsea or Newcastle United. The game concluded with a 2-1 victory for Manchester United - an outcome that altered both teams' European destinies.

The win meant that Manchester United secured their place in the Europa League instead of Chelsea. Consequently, this left Chelsea having to settle for a position within Europe's least popular competition - The Conference League. Meanwhile, Newcastle missed out on any form of European competition entirely.

Piers Morgan’s sly dig at Chelsea’s fate

Piers Morgan took advantage of this situation to poke fun at Arsenal's London rivals via social media platforms due to their less prestigious placement within Europe’s football competitions next season. In response to Sky Sports post-match show revealing which competition Chelsea will be participating next season; he reacted with mockery:

MailOnline presenter, Piers Morgan, said:

"What is that?"

This reaction comes as no surprise considering his team – Arsenal – came second in Premier league standings and will participate in UEFA Champions league – considered as Europe’s ultimate footballing competition.

While fans eagerly await what lies ahead for Chelsea in the Conference League, it's clear that their rivals are relishing this unexpected turn of events. As for Piers Morgan, his social media antics continue to entertain and provoke reactions from football fans across the globe.

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