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Mauricio Pochettino sends heartfelt message to Dele Alli on Monday Night Football

Published: Updated: 20:36, 17 Apr 2024
Chelsea manager looked excited to see his former player happy again

In a heartwarming moment during the Monday Night Football coverage between Chelsea and Everton, Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino expressed his delight at seeing former Tottenham midfielder, Dele Alli. The reunion was marked by mutual respect and admiration, reflecting their successful four-year stint together at Spurs.

Dele Alli, who is currently signed with Everton, traded the football pitch for the studio to provide analysis of Everton's trip to Chelsea. This shift comes as he continues his recovery from an injury that has prevented him from playing this season. His last appearance on the field was in February 2023 while on loan for Besiktas. Since then, he has been grappling with hip and groin injuries that have kept him sidelined.

This media appearance marks Dele's first since his powerful interview with Gary Neville on 'The Overlap' last year where he candidly discussed his childhood trauma, pressures of professional footballing life and mental health struggles.

Pochettino and Dele share unbreakable manager-player bond

During Sky Sports Monday Night Football coverage alongside Jamie Carragher and David Jones, Dele had a chance to reconnect with Pochettino in a pre-match interview. The joy was palpable as Pochettino spoke warmly to Dele via studio connection after their shared history at Spurs.

Their successful partnership saw them achieve significant milestones together over four years at Tottenham Hotspur FC. Their reunion served as a reminder of those glory days while also highlighting their enduring bond off-field.

Chelsea boss, Mauricio Pochettino, said:

"Good evening, this is new for me, I was in my managers room watching your interview earlier, I need to talk now. I cannot see you but I want to say hello to Dele. What a player, oh my goodness, oh my goodness. It's good to see you there and I am happy to see you."

Dele Alli has eyes set on his comeback soon

Despite not having played competitively for 14 months due to injuries, Dele is eager about returning back into action soon. His journey has been challenging since leaving MK Dons but he remains determined to get back onto the pitch and showcase his capabilities.

Everton player, Dele Alli, said:

"I'm doing well. I think when I did the interview I said it's the best I've felt, at that time. Obviously coming out of rehab and getting ready to be back playing. It's been tough but it's a journey that I'm on but I'm enjoying it and I'm ready to get back now."

"I've had to be patient and really learn what patience is. It's been a long journey with the [groin] injury. A lot of ups and downs and it’s helped me grow as a person. I’m not thankful to be injured but to have this opportunity to get to know myself. I think the pain of the injury is something I can channel when I am back and use it to motivate me.

"After the interview a lot of people asked me, 'When are you coming back to football?' and they thought I was taking a break. It's just been an injury problem, one that I'm hopefully getting to the end of. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm excited."

The heartwarming reunion between Chelsea manager Pochettino and Dele Alli on Monday Night Football was a testament to their shared history and mutual respect. As Dele prepares for his much-anticipated return to football, fans around the world eagerly await seeing him back in action.

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