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La Liga and Netflix to work together for 2023/24 season

Daiwik Tadikonda By Daiwik Tadikonda, Staff Writer
Published: 14:33, 16 Mar 2023 Updated: 08:57, 17 Mar 2023

La Liga and Netflix are set to enter a partnership for the 2023/24 season. 

In what comes as an exciting development for Spanish football fans, La Liga and Netflix are set to enter into a partnership for the next season. This means that the fans will have inside access to the Spanish top-flight football teams next season. 

This will allow the Spanish top flight to extend its reach beyond Spain and Europe. That being said, Oscar Mayo, the executive director of La Liga has said that the documentary will allow La Liga to share more 'personal stories' while also becoming the first sporting body to have a Netflix series. 

“For La Liga, to be the star of Netflix’s first sports series in Spain is a unique opportunity to take our football beyond the fans, to share with the world the excitement of the sport we love, and the chance for all our fans to see La Liga from a totally different angle.”

La Liga will join a list of sporting bodies such as FIFA, the Tour de France, the PGA Tour, and the Rugby Union Six Nations. Netflix, in association with sports, is widely recognized due to its hit series covering Formula One. The F1 series on the streaming platform has a total of five seasons with the docuseries set for a sixth, next year. 

Netflix has also previously worked with former La Liga champions FC Barcelona to provide the viewer with a day to day workings of one of the biggest clubs in the world. 

The scheduled documentary is already in its post-production stage and is set to be launched globally. 

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