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Ian Wright says Tottenham star makes his ‘blood boil’

The Arsenal legend has lauded Richarlison’s attitude and recent form

Ian Wright, a renowned football pundit, has recently expressed his admiration and frustration towards Tottenham Hotspur forward Richarlison. The Brazilian attacker has been making waves in the Premier League, especially after his remarkable comeback from an injury.

Richarlison's journey with Tottenham was not smooth sailing from the start. His debut season was marred by a lackluster performance where he managed to score only three goals across all competitions. This led to widespread criticism and disappointment among fans and critics alike.

However, things took a turn when Richarlison underwent surgery to address an ongoing issue that had been affecting his performance on the pitch. Since then, he has emerged as a completely transformed player.

Richarlison has found his mojo back this season

The Brazilian forward has shown exceptional form in his second season at Spurs. He scored seven goals in just seven games in the Premier League post-surgery - an impressive feat that silenced many of his critics.

Ian Wright lauded Richarlison for this turnaround and stated that he always believed the 26-year-old would bounce back once he recovered from his injury woes. However, Wright also admitted that despite admiring him as a player, Richarlison often makes him feel frustrated due to his ability to 'annoy' opposition teams while still managing to score crucial goals.

Arsenal legend, Ian Wright, said:

“The thing with Richarlison, you see with Richarlison as well, I always said once he sorted his groin out, he’s the kind of guy who can just go on those runs where he’ll score goals.

“He’s that guy away from home you can guarantee will annoy the away fans, annoy people and nick a goal as well. He’s ready to go now.”

Ian Wright says football needs players like Richarlison

In one of Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright's podcasts discussing "players you only love if they're on your team", Anthony Martial was initially suggested but quickly retracted by Wright himself who confessed that Martial doesn't irk him as much as Richarlison does.

Despite being seen as annoying by some opposition players and fans alike - similar to Neal Maupay’s recent antics against Tottenham - it is precisely this trait coupled with consistent scoring which endears him so much to Tottenham fans. 

Richarlison's aggressive playing style and his ability to score regularly have made him a favorite among Spurs fans. His recent performance against his former club, Everton, where he scored two goals, further solidified his status as a key player for the team.

While Richarlison may be a divisive figure in the world of football due to his unique playing style and attitude on the pitch, there is no denying that he has become an integral part of Tottenham Hotspur's success this season. His journey from being heavily criticized in his debut season to becoming one of the most loved players at Spurs is truly inspiring and testament to his resilience and determination.

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