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Ian Wright makes surprising prediction for Manchester United vs Liverpool

Arsenal legend thinks Liverpool will cruise past Manchester United

Arsenal legend, Ian Wright, has made a bold prediction about the upcoming Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool. According to him, Liverpool could comfortably beat Manchester United when they face off at Old Trafford on Sunday, April 7.

Liverpool has had some remarkable victories against the Red Devils under Jurgen Klopp's leadership. Notably, in the 2021-22 season, they secured two league wins with an impressive aggregate scoreline of 9-0 (4-0 at Anfield and 5-0 at Old Trafford).

Moreover, Erik ten Hag's Manchester United suffered a crushing defeat of 7-0 in their last Liverpool fixture at Anfield in March 2023. Given these past performances and current form of both teams, Wright believes that if Liverpool brings their A-game to Old Trafford this time around as well, it could be a challenging day for the home team.

Manchester United have been unpredictable team this season

Manchester United have been struggling with their performance this season. They have already lost eight out of their twenty home matches across all competitions. However, there is still hope for them as they managed to secure a goalless draw against Liverpool earlier this term and even defeated them in an exciting FA Cup Quarterfinal match that ended with a scoreline of 4-3 after extra time.

Wright shared his views on his podcast saying: "We’re not going to see that FA Cup business". This suggests he doesn't believe that Man Utd will be able to repeat their FA Cup performance against Liverpool in the upcoming Premier League match.

Ian Wright, Arsenal legend, said:

"A team like Liverpool, going for what they’re going for now, the manager leaving, everything that’s in Liverpool’s armory to go and make sure that they’re ready for a game… we’re not going to see that FA Cup business, with Man United and what they did in the FA Cup. I just feel that Liverpool will be much more focused and they’re going to be even more ruthless…

"...I just feel at this stage of the season, Liverpool will know they’re coming and we’re going to put them in their place, whatever it takes. I’m worried for United because, as much as they can score, I can see them getting another good hiding. I can see it."

Game still tight and hangs in balance

Based on previous results and current form it seems like it will be tough for Manchester United when they host Liverpool on April 7th. However football is unpredictable; while history might favor one side over another before kick-off, the actual outcome is decided on the pitch.

For sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts, this match promises to be an exciting one with high stakes. Whether Ian Wright's prediction comes true or Manchester United manages to turn the tables will only be revealed when these two football giants clash at Old Trafford.

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