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Gary Lineker predicts where Tottenham would have finished if Harry Kane stayed

Published: Updated: 05:24, 3 Jun 2024
Lineker thinks Spurs would've easily finished in top four if Kane stayed

Former England striker, Gary Lineker, has recently made a bold prediction regarding Tottenham Hotspur's performance in the absence of their star player, Harry Kane. According to Lineker, had Spurs not sold Harry Kane last summer, they would have undoubtedly qualified for the prestigious Champions League.

Kane’s departure to Bayern Munich last summer was met with skepticism from many pundits who doubted that Spurs could finish in the top six without their record goalscorer. Notable figures like Paul Merson even suggested that Tottenham might struggle to secure a spot in the top half of the table without Kane leading their attack.

Such predictions were not unfounded considering how instrumental Harry Kane was during the 2022-23 campaign. Despite finishing eighth overall, it was largely due to his impressive tally of 30 goals that kept them competitive throughout the season.

The unexpected turnaround Ange Postecoglou

Contrary to expectations though, Tottenham Hotspur managed quite well offensively even after losing their star striker. Many attacking players stepped up and compensated for his missed goals which helped maintain a steady flow of scoring opportunities for Spurs this season. 

However, despite this unexpected turnaround in offensive performance post-Kane era, Tottenham’s issues lay elsewhere - at their own end of the pitch where they conceded too many goals. This defensive vulnerability cost them dearly as they were narrowly beaten by Aston Villa for fourth place in Premier League table.

Gary Lineker reflected on this situation during an episode of "The Rest is Football" podcast where he speculated about what could have been if Harry Kane had stayed with Spurs:

Gary Lineker, former Tottenham Hotspur striker, said:

“I still think, with Harry Kane, they would’ve made top-four.”

While we can only speculate about what might have happened if circumstances were different; one thing is clear - Harry Kane's departure left an indelible mark on Tottenham Hotspur's performance. His absence was felt not just in the goal-scoring department but also in the overall dynamics of the team.

Gary Lineker's prediction offers an interesting perspective on how one player can significantly impact a team's performance and standing. While Spurs managed to find their footing without Kane, it is evident that his presence could have potentially led them to a Champions League qualification. As sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts, these insights provide valuable context for understanding team dynamics and predicting future performances.

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