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Eric Dier makes shocking revelation about Ange Postecoglou’s training sessions

Published: Updated: 09:14, 9 Apr 2024
Dier says he enjoyed his time under Aussie despite not playing enough

Eric Dier, the now Bayern Munich player, has recently shed light on his experience with Ange Postecoglou’s coaching style during their brief stint together at Tottenham Hotspur. His insights provide a unique perspective into the inner workings of Spurs' training sessions under Postecoglou.

It was evident early in the season that Dier wasn’t going to be a significant part of Postecoglou’s new era at Spurs. The club underwent a transformation in its playing philosophy, and many speculated that there was a clash of styles between Dier and the new coach. However, according to Dier's recent comments on podcast, it seems his uncertain future with the club played a more substantial role.

Dier was informed he could leave during summer but didn't secure an agreement before the transfer window closed. This left him in limbo as it seemed unlikely his position would change suddenly.

Ange Postecoglou is a hard taskmaster in training

Despite not getting much playtime under Postecoglou's regime, Dier expressed enjoyment working alongside him. During an interview with Gary Neville ahead of Bayern’s Champions League match with Arsenal, he spoke highly about his former boss.

Neville showed interest in learning more about Postecoglou and his tactics but was taken aback by Dier's response when asked if he considered him as one of the best tactical coaches he had worked under.

Eric Dier, Bayern Munich player, said:

“And Ange, I really, really enjoyed those six months, apart from not playing at all.

“I just really, really enjoyed the style of play, the style of training, I think he has fantastic coaches.”

Dier disagrees about Postecoglou being most tactically aware manager

Contrary to expectations given Spurs’ drastic change this season, Eric quickly disagreed when asked if he thought Ange was one of the most tactically aware managers he had played for. This revelation provides an intriguing insight into how Postecolgou operates behind-the-scenes - leading a coaching team that has effectively and swiftly instilled their philosophy into the club.

Eric Dier added:

“No, interestingly he really doesn’t do barely any tactical work, what he does is every single training drill from Monday to Friday is drawn up to represent the way that he wants to play.”

Despite the progress made under Postecoglou's leadership, there is still work to be done. To transform Spurs into a team capable of winning silverware, they need to address certain issues such as conceding fewer goals.

Dier's insights offer a fascinating look at the inner workings of Tottenham under Ange Postecoglou’s coaching style. His comments highlight that while there have been significant changes in tactics and philosophy, there are still areas for improvement as Spurs strive towards becoming a championship-winning side.

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