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How to get BT Sport completely free with EE: The details behind this offer and how to get it

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Right now EE are offering their customers three months free access to the BT Sports app and you could be one of them. Top quality football can be yours for nothing.

by Craig Humpage
Football Writer, Spoticos
Published on Thursday 1 April 2021

BT Sport have the rights to a huge amount of great sporting events and competitions from around the world, including top class football. You can watch Premier League games, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Cup, and tonnes of other sport on BT TV. With some of the best pundits and analysts in the world and 4K quality available, BT are second to none for football.

But what if you don't have the money to get one of their packages? What if you don't want to get BT Broadband or TV? Well there are ways to get it cheaper and in some cases, even free. EE are offering a crazy deal right now which can enable you to watch BT Sport completely free, but before we get to that there are some other good options involving TV and internet which might suit you better.

Watch BT Sport cheaper with the BT Sport monthly pass

Customers and non-customers alike can enjoy the action via the BT Sport monthly pass. You can pay only £25 and get all BT Sport channels including in 4K (if your TV is compatible) and the great news is you don't need to be an existing customer or get your broadband or TV with BT. It is completely standalone and you can cancel at any time. If all you want is sports but you don't want to be saddled with a huge, expensive package of internet and TV you don't need, this is a cheaper and better option.

Click here to check out what the monthly pass has to offer.

Add the BT Sport channels to your BT broadband package

Existing BT broadband customers can bundle up with a subscription to BT Sport. They have a lot of different combinations you can go for. Of course you can switch from your current provider to BT and also take advantage of the BT Sport channels. This could be worth a shot if you're looking to change internet provider and want some perks. Sports packages starting at £10 a month is definitely a solid upgrade to your contract. All UK football fans today should think about getting a package which includes BT Sport.

HALF PRICE OFFER: Right now BT Sport are selling their packages for half price for the next six months meaning you can get a package starting as low as £7.50 per month.

Click here to check out the kind of bundles you could get, including these new offers.

EE BT Sport: Get three months access to BT Sport via EE

The absolute best way has to be this insane three month offer for EE customers to get the BT Sport app completely free. This applies to existing customers or new customers. You don't need to have a BT broadband or BT sport subscription of any kind. If you like what you hear, think about switching mobile providers to open this up for you. Here's how it works:

TLDR: EE's BT Sport offer is great.

Click here to check out how you can get BT Sport with them.

Not convinced? Read on:

  • EE mobile customers can get the BT Sport app (on which you can watch football via live streaming on your smart phone, tablet and more) for absolutely nothing for three months by texting "SPORT" to 150. Again, if you're not a customer, just become one and then this applies to you.
  • After that initial three months, the app is available for £10 per month (which is still amazing) but you can only watch it on your mobile device. However, for an extra £5 (total £15 a month) you can stream it on your big screen TV with Chromecast, Xbox, Apple TV, selected Smart TVs (e.g. Samsung Smart TV) and more.
  • To recap, you are able to access the app completely free for three months, and then you can watch it on your TV for an extra £15 a month without needing to buy internet from BT or anything else. Now that is unrivalled.
  • EE mobile customers can also watch in UHD/4K, if their TV is a compatible device, by getting the BT Sport Ultimate package for an extra £5, making your total £20 a month (still £5 less than the monthly pass which you can get directly from BT)
  • If you have or get one of EE's "Smart Plans" you can just add BT Sport as your "Smart Benefit" completely free. If you have this plan with them you would be crazy not to take advantage of that. If you don't and are looking for a new phone contract, give EE a serious look. They are award winning for a reason and when you throw this app into the mix they are definitely worth a shout (I personally use them too).
  • Of course if the "Smart Plan" contracts are not your thing and you prefer to go SIM only (as I do) then text "SPORT" to 150 and enjoy your free three months, then see how you feel about paying a tenner a month to keep going.

Overall, EE are offering some great options here for BT Sport and any football fan in the UK should be taking advantage of these. Premier League, Champions League and Europa League football for free at your fingertips is difficult to argue with.

Watch live football completely free via live stream with Bet 365

If you want to watch live football but don't fancy doing any of the above, you can always check out Bet 365. They have some fantastic options for live streaming big games from across the world completely free.

Don't believe it's free? Click here to read more about how it is free.

Bet 365 customers can watch football from some of the world's top divisions via their live streaming service on their website or mobile app. Just click the video icon next to the match of your choosing and you are away. As well as offering live coverage, Bet 365 also provide up-to-date stats so you can keep up with the action every step of the way. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Click on this link
  • Login to your Bet 365 account (or create one)
  • Go to the tab of the league you're interested in
  • Matches available for live streaming have a small video icon next to them
  • Click on the match you want and click on the video player.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

Bet 365 have the UK rights to live stream the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and much more. Click the link above to check it out and it might work for you.

Don't miss a beat when it comes to watching live football

Keep up-to-date with live football from around the world with our live streaming page. There you can see when games are happening, what TV channels they will be broadcast on, as well as links to trusted, legal sources of live streaming. We also have a load of statistics, data and the latest news from the world of football on our website to keep you informed.

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