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David Moyes says Mikel Arteta has made Declan Rice even better

Declan Rice has added new dimensions to his game under Arteta at Emirates

In the world of football, player transfers often come with hefty price tags. When West Ham announced a massive transfer fee of £105 Million for Declan Rice last summer, many eyebrows were raised. However, a season later and the focus has shifted from his price tag to his outstanding performance on the field.

David Moyes, who knows Rice very well, recently spoke on ‘TalkSport’ about how good Rice is. He said this “‘Sometimes you want to take credit, but Mikel Arteta has done a great job with him at Arsenal. There were things that maybe Declan wasn’t as good at but I think he’s improved."

Moyes' praise for Arteta's work with Rice at Arsenal highlights the significant improvements in his game since joining the club.

The impact of pressure and expectations of big price

The hefty price tag initially worried many fans due to the immense pressure it would put on young Declan’s shoulders. Moving from cross-town rivals to a big club like Arsenal was always going to be challenging. However, Rice stepped up and fit into his new team naturally.

His first season in Arsenal colours has been nothing short of incredible; he transformed their midfield and made them a more compact and dynamic team.

David Moyes, Former West Ham manager, said:

“He hasn’t really surprised me, but I do laugh because a couple of years ago people were saying, “you’ll never get £100m for Declan”. I was saying, “no, we’ll get £150m for him”

“I was telling West Ham to hold out for £150m and people were saying I was off my head. But I think if you look at some of the players who have come around that price, Dec’s surpassed them and looks above them. I think £100m is looking quite cheap to be honest. He’s a top boy, everyone knows that. He conducts himself brilliantly well, on and off the field.”

New leadership role at Arsenal

Rice is not just an exceptional player; he's also shown leadership qualities that have earned him respect within the club. His seamless integration into the Arsenal system demonstrates his adaptability and commitment to excellence. Looking back now at that initial price tag feels like we ended up getting quite a steal considering what he brings to our team both on and off-field.

Rice seems set for long-term success at Arsenal if Arteta can continue helping him grow while building a squad around him - promising some great years of football from this talented Englishman. 

In hindsight, knowing how good Declan Rice was going to be, the price tag would have never been questioned. Money in football is getting silly, but it seems Rice was worth every penny paid for him, if not more.

Declan Rice's transfer to Arsenal has proven to be a wise investment. His performance on the field and his leadership off it have made him an invaluable asset to the club. With continued growth and development under Arteta's guidance, we can look forward to many more seasons of outstanding football from this young star.

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