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Bet McLean and Linfield FC team up for new sponsorship deal

The NIFL Irish Premiership club has joined forces with one of Ireland's most popular bookmakers

Irish bookmaker Bet McLean has confirmed a new sponsorship deal with NIFL Irish Premiership side Linfield FC. The partnership will further solidify the relationship between the two entities, providing increased visibility for the bookie and additional financial support for the football club.

As part of the extended partnership, Bet McLean's brand will be prominently displayed on both the first team shirt sleeve and the team shorts. This move ensures that the bookmaker's logo will be visible during all matches, thereby increasing brand recognition and reach.

In addition to the kit sponsorship, Bet McLean will also be promoted with a sign in each of the four stands at Windsor Park, Linfield FC's home ground. This strategic placement will further enhance the visibility of the brand among football fans, both during live matches and televised broadcasts.

David Graham, General Manager of Bet McLean, said:

“Paul Mclean has been a pleasure to work with since I joined Linfield early this year. We have had several discussions around how we could maximise the value of the partnership for both sides. 

“I am pleased that we have secured four trackside signs as well as first-team sponsorship from a local company with such a strong reputation. Sponsorship is a key facet in securing and growing our commercial revenue within the club. 

“As we continue to increase our match attendance and enhance the matchday experience for supporters, I hope that we can continue to demonstrate that Linfield is fertile ground for businesses to grow in partnership and promote their brand.”

Building on previous sponsorships

This new deal builds on Bet McLean's existing relationship with football in Northern Ireland. The bookmaker has been sponsoring the Northern Ireland Football League Cup since the 2017–18 season. This long-term commitment to the sport has not only helped Bet McLean establish a strong presence in the football community but also demonstrated its support for local football.

For Linfield FC, this extended partnership with Bet McLean provides a significant financial boost. Sponsorship deals like this one are crucial for football clubs as they help fund player salaries, infrastructure improvements, and youth development programs.

Moreover, the association with a well-known brand like Bet McLean can also enhance the club's reputation and attract more fans and potential players.

Linfield FC Chairman, Roy McGivern, stated:

“Bet McLean has sponsored Linfield for the best part of a decade. We are very pleased to continue working with Paul McLean and his team for the rest of the 2023/24 season. 

“The company clearly has a passion for promoting and growing local sport, and as Northern Ireland’s largest football club, we are delighted to have extended this deal.”

The sponsorship deal between Bet McLean and Linfield FC is a win-win situation for both parties. Bet McLean gets to increase its brand visibility and strengthen its ties with the football community, while Linfield FC receives the financial support it needs to continue its operations and development programs.

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