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Barcelona upset over Joao Felix’s comments amid Bernardo Silva speculations

Published: Updated: 06:10, 9 Apr 2024
Félix recently revealed Silva is looking for home in Barcelona as transfer edges

La Liga club, Barcelona, have expressed their displeasure over the comments made by their frontman, João Félix. The comments were regarding the potential arrival of Manchester City star and fellow countryman, Bernardo Silva.

The name of midfielder Silva returned to the headlines in Catalunya’s capital on Monday after Félix dropped a bombshell about his future. In an interview, Félix revealed that Silva has been questioning him about life at Barcelona. This revelation comes amid long-standing speculation linking the Manchester City star with a switch to Blaugrana.

Felix comments can cause problem for Barcelona in summer

Félix went further to reveal his belief that he has 'convinced' Silva to join forces with the Catalans. While these comments have sparked widespread excitement among Barcelona fans, they haven't been received as positively in Camp Nou's boardroom.

FC Barcelona player, Joao Felix, said:

“He is very careful with everything and he asked me about places to live, places to eat, about security… He asked me a little about everything and I said about tax issues because that’s what came to mind.”

Not only that, but Félix went as far as to reveal his belief that he has ‘convinced’ Silva to link up with the Catalans.

“If he comes, I’m going to ask for a commission!”,

According to a reports, Barcelona's hierarchy did not appreciate how openly Félix discussed Silva’s potential arrival. With Silva being a legitimate transfer target for the summer window, Barca believes that such matters should be handled more discreetly than was displayed by their loanee Atletico Madrid striker on Monday.

This situation serves as an example of how player commentary can impact ongoing negotiations and stir controversy within football clubs. It also highlights the need for discretion when discussing potential transfers, especially when they involve high-profile players like Bernardo Silva.

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