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AWS and DFL deepen partnership to harness AI power

AI is finally starting to make strong mark in football leagues now

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing division of Amazon, has announced an expanded multi-year technology partnership with the German soccer league, Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL). The renewed agreement will see AWS continue as the official technology provider for DFL, with a new focus on leveraging generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The extended partnership aims to accelerate innovation by utilizing generative AI as part of the league's official operations. This move is expected to drive transformation along the entire DFL value chain through various innovative projects.

In order to enhance fan engagement, this includes automatic translation, personalization, and localization, Media Production- By utilizing cloud infrastructure, media production and moving image archive processes will be streamlined. Data Services- Through the automatic recognition of match events and application of the Bundesliga statistics portfolio across other leagues, we will gain a deeper understanding of match events.

AWS and DFL share a successful history together

This isn't the first time that AWS has partnered with DFL. Their collaboration began in 2020 when Germany’s top-flight Bundesliga became the first soccer league worldwide to team up with Amazon’s tech arm.

Over four years, this partnership has delivered more in-depth insight into broadcasting matches across all platforms while enabling personalized fan experiences.

Steffen Merkel, DFL chief executive, said:

“The collaboration between DFL and AWS sets the standard in terms of innovation in global football. The focus is always on additional benefits for media partners, fans, and the DFL itself.

“We are very pleased to continue this successful partnership in the long term with the world’s largest cloud provider, including leveraging the potential of generative AI to accelerate innovation for German professional football.”  

One notable project from their collaboration is the development of Bundesliga Match Facts feature which provides real-time advanced analytics based on live match data giving fans deeper insights into action on pitch.

Real-Time insights for fans worldwide adds new dimension

Bundesliga Match Facts are generated by gathering and analyzing data from live game video feeds streamed into AWS. These insights are then presented as graphics during broadcasts and within the official Bundesliga app before being provided back to broadcast viewers around world in real-time as statistics.

In addition to this feature, AWS has also worked with DFL on automated media production and global distribution in the cloud, optimizing the Bundesliga digital archive, and enhancing the personalization function of the Bundesliga app.

The expanded partnership between AWS and DFL signifies a significant step towards integrating AI into sports. By focusing on fan experience, media production, and data services, this collaboration is set to revolutionize how soccer leagues operate while providing fans with an enriched viewing experience.

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