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Arsenal's social media handle take brutal dig at Gareth Southgate and England

Arsenal admin tweeted about Ben White's top 10 performances after England's draw

Arsenal, the renowned football club, has seemingly taken a subtle jab at England manager Gareth Southgate following the team's performance in Euro 2024 matches. This dig was perceived by fans through a well-timed Twitter post praising Ben White, an Arsenal defender currently overlooked by the national team.

The club’s Twitter admin posted a tweet that began with "Consistency. Courage. Class. 10 times Ben White worked wonders this season." This post came after England struggled to secure a 1-1 draw against Denmark in Frankfurt, which raised concerns among supporters about the team's performance.

Many fans believe that Southgate could have benefited from including versatile and composed defenders like White in his squad. The timing of this tweet led to speculation among Arsenal fans that it was intended as a subtle dig at Southgate for not utilizing White's skills effectively.

Ben White would've provided versatility

Ben White is known for his consistency and class on the field. The former Brighton star has been transformed into an aggressive right-back from being just a ball-playing centre-half under Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s guidance.

Despite his impressive form, he is currently on vacation with his wife instead of accompanying his club colleagues Declan Rice, Bukayo Saka, and Aaron Ramsdale in Germany for Euro 2024.

White last represented England during the World Cup in Qatar back in 2022 but had to leave early due to personal reasons as stated by Southgate himself.

Controversy surrounding White's absence

Reports denied by England suggest that there was an argument between White and Steve Holland - Southgate’s assistant - leading him to decide against playing for England while current management remains intact. Allegedly, attempts made by Southgate to reconcile with him ahead of the international friendlies in March were rejected by White.

The tweet from Arsenal's admin, praising Ben White's performance, has sparked a debate among fans about Southgate's team selection for Euro 2024. While it remains to be seen whether this was an intentional dig at the England manager or not, it certainly highlights the potential that players like White bring to the table and raises questions about their absence from key tournaments.

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