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Alexis Mac Allister responds to transfer rumours amid Real Madrid interest

The Argentine midfielder is reportedly on list of Real Madrid for summer

As the summer transfer window approaches, Liverpool squad is buzzing with anticipation and uncertainty. One of the key players in focus is Alexis Mac Allister, who has recently been linked with a move to Real Madrid.

Liverpool fans are no strangers to the suspense that accompanies the transfer window. The recent whispers about Alexis Mac Allister moving to Real Madrid have escalated into a roar, causing unease among supporters and management alike. This speculation comes at an inconvenient time for head coach Arne Slot, who is yet to meet his new squad at the AXA Training Centre.

Adding fuel to this fire are ongoing doubts around contractual commitments of other key players like Virgil van Dijk and Trent Alexander-Arnold. Even Mohamed Salah’s stay isn't cast in stone despite being likely according to ESPN.

Mac Allister’s firm stance on Real Madrid's interest

In an interaction reported by ESPN Argentina, when asked about interest from Real Madrid upon his arrival at the national team’s camp, Mac Allister responded affirmatively towards staying put in Liverpool. His statement brings temporary relief for fans and management alike as it reaffirms his commitment towards the club despite interest from La Liga champions

Alexis Mac Allister, Liverpool midfielder, said:

“I don’t talk about assumptions, I’m very happy at Liverpool.”

Historically, significant players have departed from Liverpool for La Liga's glamour which sets a nerve-wracking precedent for fans. However, Mac Allister’s quick dismissal of these rumours speaks volumes about his current focus and contentment with life at Anfield.

Release clause conundrum in Mac Allister’s contract

Adding another layer of complexity is potential existence of a release clause in Mac Allister’s contract which could allow Los Blancos to snatch him away without Liverpool's consent if activated. Yet this remains speculative until more information becomes available.

ESPN highlighted that Liverpool have previously navigated similar waters, notably when Emre Can was allowed to run down his contract rather than signing a new deal with a release clause. Given Liverpool’s past firmness and the nature of Mac Allister’s move from Brighton—which reportedly involved a buyout clause—it wouldn’t be surprising if he negotiated a similar term at Anfield.

While the summer transfer window brings its share of uncertainties and speculations, Alexis Mac Allister's commitment to Liverpool provides some solace for fans. However, the potential existence of a release clause in his contract adds an element of suspense to this saga. As we wait for more information to emerge, one thing is clear - Mac Allister's current focus remains firmly on Liverpool.

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