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Top 5 Best YouTube channels for free football highlights

Aayush Yadav By Aayush Yadav, Staff Writer
Published: 09:28, 17 Mar 2023 Updated: 09:49, 17 Mar 2023

Thousands of football fans have relied upon these YouTube channels for years

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport filled with an unimaginable number of fans. The world comes to a halt whenever there's a big game in the World Cup, Champions League or any other mega event.

 However, when it comes to paying back to the fans who make this sport the greatest ever, there are only a few things that justify their worth.

One of the biggest headaches for fans around the world is watching games or watching highlights on the right platform. Despite finding the platform, there is always a paid gimmick attached. Today at Sporticos, we are here to solve this major roadblock for all football fans with our top five Football highlights YouTube channels.

#5. Bundesliga

With over 3.7 million subscribers, the official channel for German football's top-division action recaps provides a comprehensive coverage of the German football season. In addition to uploading videos of matches in real-time, they are always capturing momentum with timely videos. Their channel is not only based on highlights but also uploads crazy challenges videos.

#4. Fox Sports

With their library of sports, Fox Sports covers almost every sport in the world. However, their coverage of football is impeccable. Especially during the recent FIFA World Cup, they were consistently top of the traffic ratings with their consistency in uploading highlights and related videos.

#3. beIN Sports

Those who love football are likely to be thrilled to hear beIN Sports. All of their channels are dedicated to providing top-quality football coverage to different regions of the world, such as beIN Asia and beIN USA. In spite of not having as many subscribers as Sky Sports and BT Sport, their average monthly traffic is among the highest in the world.

#2. BT Sport

With over 4.75 million subscribers and 1.1k videos in their cabinet, the UK-based YouTube channel has been one of the biggest saviors for fans across the globe. The BT Sport YouTube channel has been one of the most popular channels in the world to post highlights on a regular basis. Furthermore, they have a large number of additional content which makes them one of the top channels to watch.

#1. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is another old workhorse for fans who have been delivering content for fans for a long time. There are different channels available for football highlights, football-related news, as well as Premier League action, which makes them an excellent channel to choose from because of the variety of content they provide. 

Sky Sports Premier League is known for its accurately timed clips of quotes and highlights. Their main Sky Sports Premier League channel has more than 4.29 million subscribers.

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