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European handicap explained and differences to Asian handicap

With so many different terms displayed on betting sites, it can be tough to lose track. Handicaps are particularly confusing sometimes as they are so different to a lot of the other bets available on a typical bookmaker website. You are not just betting on one team to win, after all, there is...
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Asian handicap in football - explained and examples

Football betting has a huge array of options and it can be hard to decide which ones to use. The best gamblers, those who can make a huge amount of money from bookmakers, will know which bet to take from which betting site - which requires both knowledge and instinct. Handicap betting is...
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Asian handicap 0.5 explanation

Betting sites offer more value with Asian handicap wagers, so these are a key option. Sports betting fans who want to maximise their potential profits need to know how and when to use Asian handicap bets - which are sometimes styled as AH bets on sportsbooks. This ultimate guide to Asian...
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Asian handicap 0.0 explanation

Asian handicap is one of the most important tools in the armoury of all sports betting fans. AH bets - as they are often referred to - theoretically offer more value to punters. This is due to the fact that the draw is taken out of the equation in the calculation of the odds from bookmakers,...
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Alternative Asian handicap - what is it? Explained

Betting has a lot of jargon terms that can be confusing for the average sports fan. Alternative asian handicap (aka AAH) is certainly one of them and the average gambling enthusiast may never have placed a bet on this type of market. But for those who are serious about going up against the big...
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How Do Betting Odds Work?

How Do Betting Odds Work? Betting odds and the differences between decimal and fractional odds may seem confusing at first if you’re not familiar with these things. We all have to start out learning about a subject before we can begin and betting is no different. Here at Sporticos...
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Bet365 joining bonus code for new customers

Bet365 is one of the biggest betting companies in Europe, but they are always trying to grow. As such, attracting new customers is a key strategy for them, just as it is with a lot of their competitors in the gambling industry. Bonus codes are a typical way to get customers to choose a betting...
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Bet365 Edit Bet: ultimate guide

The Bet365 Edit Bet option is one of the most interesting and innovative features to be launched by any betting brands for a long, long time. Customers are able to change their selections on an accumulator even once the bet is under way, giving them more control over whether they win than ever...
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How to use bet credits on Bet365?

Bet365 are one of the most well-known betting companies in the UK.  If you asked anyone in the street to name five betting companies off the top of their head, Bet365 would be in there. With over 35 million customers around the world and annual revenue of nearly £3 billion, Bet365 are also...
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2up Bet365: how to profit?

Bet365 has a lot of enticing offers and promotions, with 2up one of the best of the lot. Put simply, the Bet365 2up offer means bets on a team are paid out as soon as they go two goals up in a football match. For example, if Liverpool are playing Everton and the Reds are 2-0 up in the first half,...
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