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Tottenham star complains about being played out of his best position

Published: Updated: 14:26, 25 Mar 2024
Dejan Kulusevski has expressed his wish to play centrally in attack

A recent interview with a Tottenham player has sparked discussions about the team's strategy. The player in question is Dejan Kulusevski, who suggested that he might be playing out of his best position under manager Ange Postecoglou.

Dejan Kulusevski is a Swedish international footballer who joined Tottenham on an 18-month loan in January 2022. Following his successful stint, Spurs decided to sign him permanently for £25m. Known for his technical prowess as a winger and ability to cut inside using his stronger left foot, he has made 54 appearances on the right flank since joining the club.

Despite being deployed out wide, Kulusevski believes that he would perform better if played centrally. This season alone, while playing out wide, he has scored six goals and provided three assists in 29 appearances - an impressive return for someone who feels more comfortable centrally.

Dejan Kulusevski, Tottemham Hotspur player, said:

“That was my position back then, mezzala (a half winger or wide central midfielder). Nah (when asked if this position at Spurs is now his role). I think that in the future – when I’m gonna be at my best – I think it’s gonna be in a central role, but for now, you know, you can adapt.

“I play as a winger, but a lot of things I do, they’re centrally also.”

Tottenham may shuffle things with new name on wings in summer

Tottenham may already be aware of this situation and could be making transfer plans to accommodate him in that area. According to reports, Wolves forward Pedro Neto is a primary target for Spurs this summer.

Neto shares similar traits with Kulusevski; both are right wingers who prefer cutting inside on their stronger left foot. This suggests that Tottenham might be planning to sign Neto as a replacement for Kulusevski out wide and move the Swede infield.

This move seems logical considering how valuable Kulusevski has been to the team – it seems unlikely they would sideline one of their best players without good reason.

However, there are also arguments suggesting Neto could simply add depth to the squad rather than replace anyone outrightly but given Wolves' asking price of £80m this summer, it's doubtful that Daniel Levy, Tottenham's chairman, would sanction such a deal for a squad player.

Lot depends on how season ends for Tottenham Hotspur

As the summer transfer window approaches, fans and pundits alike will be keeping an eye on developments at Spurs. Depending on who joins Tottenham this summer, we could see a position change for Kulusevski. This potential shift in strategy could have significant implications for the team's performance in the upcoming season.

While Dejan Kulusevski has proven his worth as a winger at Tottenham Hotspur under Ange Postecoglou’s management, his recent comments hint at possible changes to come. Whether these changes materialize or not will depend largely on the club’s transfer activity this summer.

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