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Tottenham star’s agent says his client to decide future after Euros

Published: Updated: 07:11, 18 Jun 2024
Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg is all set to leave Spurs after failing to impress Ange Postecoglou

In the world of football, player transfers are a hot topic. One such player making headlines is Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, who is almost certainly leaving Tottenham Hotspur. However, according to his agent Luca Puccinelli, the decision about his future will not be made until after the conclusion of the European Championship.

Puccinelli recently spoke to Fabrizio Romano and stated that while there are several clubs interested in acquiring Hojbjerg’s services, he is currently fully focused on Denmark's EURO matches. This means that any decisions regarding his future will be postponed until next month.

This statement might seem typical for an agent trying to manage expectations and keep options open for their client. Puccinelli started working with Hojbjerg last season which immediately sparked speculation about a potential move to Italy post-Spurs.

Hojbjerg can create buzz in market

According to Puccinelli, Pierre is a fighter who wants to win things and sign with an ambitious club that competes every season. This ambition could potentially lead him away from Spurs as he does not want to "play for nothing".

The decision makes sense considering it would be challenging for him to process a potential transfer while focusing on playing in Germany this month during Euros.

Luca Puccinelli, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg's agent, said:

“This year I started working with Pierre and it was a great satisfaction for me to be able to convince a top player for the project I had for him. Pierre has already experienced a lot in his career, he has had great seasons at Tottenham with top coaches like Mourinho and then Conte last year. In the national team he is a big leader as well.

“A player like him will surely be part of a club with great ambition or project because he is not just a strong player, but with a character made to fight for important things every year. Pierre feel comfortable in the pressure to win and I am working in this sense. He is telling me that every year he dream of trophies in the end of the season and don’t like to play for nothing. This is his mindset, this is the mission.

“I am working on the many requests that we have already received, yes; but we will analyse all the possibilities after the Euros, during the holidays when we will spend some time together and then look forward to the next chapter. The national team is giving him back his lost serenity now. I’m 100% sure that whoever signs Højbjerg will do a bargain.”

Jose Mourinho reportedly wants re-union

There have been rumors linking Hojbjerg with various Serie A clubs but also some unexpected links connecting him with Fenerbahce under Jose Mourinho; his former coach at Spurs. The mooted offer was £5m which seems quite low considering his talent and experience.

However, these rumors should be taken lightly as they originate from Turkish media known for its unreliability when it comes down to football news.

Sports fans eagerly await where this talented midfielder will land after Euros. His decision will undoubtedly have a significant impact on his career and the club he chooses to join. Until then, all eyes are on Hojbjerg as he represents Denmark in the European Championship.

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