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Top 5 most-watched soccer games on TV in the US last week (Nov 6-12)

Published: Updated: 18:24, 15 Nov 2023
Huge clashes from Liga MX, the NWSL, and the English Premier League top the viewership charts

The week of November 6-12 was a thrilling one for soccer fans across the United States, with several high-profile games taking place worldwide.

From the English Premier League to Liga MX, the NWSL, and even UEFA Champions League matches, there was no shortage of action.

However, some games attracted more viewers than others, leading to a mixed bag of results for broadcasters. Here's a rundown of the top five most-watched soccer games in the US during this period.

#1 - Tigres vs Club America (Liga MX)

Topping the list was the Liga MX match between Tigres and Club America, which ended in a 0-0 draw. The game, aired on Univision on Saturday, November 11, attracted a whopping 1,139,000 viewers, the only soccer game of the week to attract 1m+ viewers.

This match marked a significant milestone for Liga MX, which saw its viewership jump back to over 1 million. However, the league still has some distance to cover to match last year's numbers.

#2 - Pumas UNAM vs Guadalajara (Liga MX)

The second most-watched game was another Liga MX fixture, with Pumas UNAM beating Guadalajara 1-0. This match also aired on Univision on Saturday, November 11, and drew 841,000 viewers.

The strong viewership numbers from this game and the Tigres vs Club America match are positive signs for the league, indicating a growing interest in teams beyond the traditional favorites of years gone by.

# 3 - OL Reign vs NJ/NY Gotham FC (NWSL Championship Final)

The NWSL Championship final between OL Reign and NJ/NY Gotham FC took the third spot. The game, which saw Gotham FC clinch their first title with a 2-1 victory, was watched by 817,000 viewers on CBS.

Despite this impressive number representing a good sign for women's soccer, the viewership was down 11% from last year. The NWSL currently does not have a Spanish language partner, which could potentially help boost its viewership numbers.

# 4 - Chelsea vs Manchester City (English Premier League)

The thrilling 4-4 draw between Chelsea and Manchester City in the English Premier League was the fourth most-watched game of the week. The match aired on the USA Network and drew 655,000 viewers.

This game was a testament to the popularity of the English Premier League among US viewers. This comes as little surprise as the English Premier League continues to enjoy the reputation of being the most popular soccer league around the world.

# 5 - AC Milan vs Paris Saint-Germain (UEFA Champions League)

Rounding off the top five was the UEFA Champions League group stage match between AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain. The game, which saw AC Milan triumph with a 2-1 victory, was watched by 600,000 US viewers on Univision.

The week of November 6-12 was a testament to the growing popularity of soccer in the United States, but also sent out a couple of minor alarm bells for some leagues.

While the Mexican top-flight Liga MX and the NWSL Championship game attracted more than acceptable numbers, these competitions still have work to do if they are to reach their previous heights.

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