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Serie A domestic highlights and radio rights now available for tender

The package includes rights for Serie A, Coppa Italia, and Italian Super Cup for 3 seasons

Italian men's soccer's top-tier Serie A has announced the availability of domestic Serie A highlights and radio packages for tender. The 12 packages cover both national and local highlights, as well as radio broadcasts for the 20-team Italian soccer league. This move is part of a broader strategy to diversify media rights distribution.

The available packages relate to all Italian competitions for three upcoming seasons: 2024-25, 2025-26, and 2026-27. The most valuable package is reportedly worth up to €4.7 million ($x million) per campaign.

The offerings include, highlights of Serie A matches broadcast on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays and live radio broadcasts. These non-exclusive packages range in value from a potential minimum of €7 thousand per season for local TV stations’ Serie A highlights packages to a maximum of €4.7 million per campaign for Sunday’s Serie A highlights.

DAZN hold live TV rights

Live TV rights in Italy to Serie A action will be held by DAZN streaming service over the next five seasons. This development comes as the league also embarks on selling its media rights internationally.

Last month saw this process kick off in Poland while AMC Networks International Group secured rights in Czech Republic and Slovakia for the next cycle of Serie A games.

Through till 2028-29 season, fans can enjoy coverage via Sport 1 and Sport 2 channels including games from Coppa Italia cup competition along with Italian Super Cup matches.

Change in media rights selling strategy

Serie A has significantly altered its approach towards selling media rights across future cycles. Previously dominated by Infront agency who then sold them on; now however, direct negotiations with broadcasters are being carried out by the league itself across various markets.

In late December, contracts were approved in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Balkan area. The broadcasters involved in these deals have not yet been revealed. Portugal’s Sport TV announced in late February that it had retained Serie A rights through 2026-27. This continues their relationship with the Italian league which began back in 2015.

This shift towards direct negotiations represents a significant change for Serie A and could potentially lead to more diverse and widespread coverage of one of soccer's most prestigious leagues.

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