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Roy Keane says people are disrespectful towards Man City star

Published: Updated: 15:26, 17 Jun 2024
Keane says people have made stereotypical image of Rodri as holding midfielder

Former Manchester United midfielder and current sports analyst, Roy Keane, has come to the defense of Manchester City's star player, Rodri. He expressed his disapproval of the 'disrespectful' comments made about the player during a recent ITV Sport broadcast.

The Euro 2024 tournament is officially underway in Germany and it presents an excellent opportunity to witness several Manchester City players in action. The tournament kicked off with Germany's stylish victory over Scotland on Friday night with a scoreline of 5-1.

On Saturday, we saw Manuel Akanji from Manchester City feature for Switzerland match in their impressive 3-1 win over Hungary. Later that day, Rodri was seen playing for Spain against Mateo Kovacic and Josko Gvardiol representing Croatia. It was a solid start for Spain as they secured a comfortable 3-0 win.

High praise from Roy Keane

Before the game commenced, Rodri received high praise from Roy Keane on ITV Sport. The former footballer took issue with those who label Rodri merely as a holding midfielder - an implication that he is only responsible for defensive work.

Roy Keane, Manchester United legend, said;

“It’s so disrespectful when people label him that when you look at what else he brings to the team in terms of going forward and assists. The goals he gets, the job he does on set-pieces, he’s a big strong boy.

“It took him a while to get up to speed at City, the first year or two you’re thinking ‘Is he going to be up to it?’ He looked a bit leggy.

“When he got up to speed, my goodness. He’s certainly one of the most important (players) particularly for Man City. When he's out of that Man City team, my goodness they look a different team.”

Rodri has just concluded another successful season at Manchester City where he played an integral role once again. He made appearances across all competitions without losing a single league game - his only loss being against Manchester United in the FA Cup final.

More than just a holding midfielder

In addition to dominating games from midfield base, Rodri also showcased his goal-scoring prowess during the 2023/24 season by scoring nine goals and providing fourteen assists - proving himself more than just a defensive asset but also an offensive threat.

Arriving at Euro 2024 in top form after such an impressive season at City, Rodri was the center of attention for the ITV Sport punditry team. He was described as 'a centre-back's dream' by pundit Lee Dixon. Rodri, valued at £63 million, has become an indispensable player for Manchester City due to his all-round contributions on the field. Keane's comments highlight that it is indeed 'disrespectful' to limit Rodri's role to that of a holding midfielder given his demonstrated versatility and influence in games.

Manchester City is indeed fortunate to have such a well-rounded player like Rodri in their ranks - someone who not only excels defensively but also contributes significantly on the offensive front. Roy Keane’s defense of Rodri serves as a reminder that footballers often bring more value than what meets the eye. It encourages sports fans and critics alike to appreciate players beyond their designated roles and acknowledge their multifaceted contributions towards their teams.

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