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Roberto Firmino reveals he wasn't upset when Brendan Rodgers was fired

Published: Updated: 17:45, 14 Jan 2024
The Brazilian striker revealed in his book that Rodgers never planned to sign him

Roberto Firmino, the legendary Liverpool striker, has had a career marked by stark contrasts under two different managers. His journey from being an underutilized talent to becoming Jurgen Klopp's most trusted player is a testament to his resilience and adaptability.

When Firmino joined Liverpool from Hoffenheim for £29 million, it was unclear how he would fit into the team. Brendan Rodgers, then manager of Liverpool, seemed to prefer Christian Benteke over him. In his book 'Si Senor: My Liverpool Years', Firmino details his relationship with Rodgers and reveals that he eventually learned that Rodgers never intended to sign him.

Firmino recalls having a terrible start at Liverpool which left him questioning his future with the club. He rarely played as a striker and when he did play, it was often as a winger while Benteke took centre stage.

Firmino remembers in the Manchester United and Arsenal matches where he was positioned on the right side of midfield with more responsibility to defend than attack. He spent much time dropping deep and wide - almost playing as a full-back - far away from areas where he could make an impact.

Roberto Firmino, former Liverpool striker, said:

“I rarely played as a striker and when I did it was as a winger, with Christian Benteke playing through the middle. 

“It was clear that the coach, Brendan Rodgers, didn’t know how to use me. I don’t think he understood my style of play – I definitely never understood his plans for me. Maybe that was because he didn’t really have any.”

In the end, Firmino's signing made sense under Jurgen Klopp

It has been widely reported that during this period when Liverpool’s recruitment structure wasn't refined as it is now under Klopp's reign, Firmino's signing was effectively seen as a trade-off for Rodger's preference for Benteke.

There are several examples indicating which players were signed by Rodgers versus those backed by the transfer committee but it took years for Firmino to realize this dynamic at play during Rodger's tenure.

In contrast to his time under Rodgers, Firmino flourished under Jurgen Klopp. Throughout Klopp's managerial career, no player has made more appearances in Premier League matches for his teams than Firmino - a whopping 355 times over eight seasons.

Firmino's transformation from an overlooked talent to a key player in Liverpool's success story is a testament to the power of understanding and utilizing a player's unique style and strengths. His journey serves as an inspiration for sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts alike, demonstrating that with the right guidance and opportunity, every player can reach their full potential.

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