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Preview of EPL 2020-21 – Where to Watch in UK

Only about a month after its last season, which was also the longest one due to the hit of Covid-19, the 2020-21 EPL is finally all set to begin this Saturday on the 12th of September2020.

With Liverpool being the past season champions, fans are ambivalent if they’ll be able to see the team carry the trophy back home for a second time this season, especially after all the exciting investments that have been made by teams like Chelsea and Manchester City this year. 

There’s a fairly good number of top strikers and a few new deals being signed this season and the fans are looking forward to seeing how their favourite teams perform in the 2020-21 EPL. With Liverpool being among one of the first 4 games in the slot against the Leeds who have climbed up the ladder for the first time ever since 2004, we can say the game is off to a pretty good start. 


Is it a Steady Win for Liverpool this Season?

After having won the Premier League after 30 years, Liverpool has only made a single signing to build up the squad this season, unlike Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City, who have made quite a few deals to UP their game. 

Although the fans were expecting to see changes in the team ever since last month’s downfall with Arsenal in the Community Shield, Klopp has made no significant alterations to the group other than assigning a cover for Andy Robertson. Nonetheless, Liverpool supporters are anticipating to see how it all plays out for the team and whether or not they will be able to meet their expectations, as they had in the last season. 


First Matches of the 2020-21 Season & Where to Watch 

After a couple of thrilling changes made to some of the teams, Premier League will kick off with the following matches on Saturday, 12th September 2020.

Fulham v Arsenal 13:30

Crystal Palace v Southampton 16:00

Burnley v Man Utd 17:00

Liverpool v Leeds United 18:30 

West Ham v Newcastle 20:00


Promising New Teams

Sheffield United set the bar pretty high for the newly upgrades by standing 9th past season and although teams like Fulham and West Brom have the experience in top games, expectations are a lot higher for Marcelo Biesla’s Leeds. 

Leeds having the most potential under manager Marcelo Biesla, has a true chance at putting a mark on the field this season. After transfers like Rodrigo who was signed in at £30m from Valencia, a whopping number of no less than 15 goals can be predicted from the team. Previous games have shown that this team can put up a fierce fight under Biesla’s management but seemed to have not made it there yet due to their lack of potential to score. 

Nonetheless, the transfer of Rodrigo to Leeds seems to be the perfect solution to score this season. Leeds has also signed in other players including the remarkable Jack Harrison but only on a loan from Manchester City and Robin Koch as a defender. Other players like Pablo Hernandez and Kalvin Phillips are also a part of the newly promoted team. 


Favourites & Top Potential Contenders

Teams like Manchester City and Liverpool have shown promising consistency for two years in a row and there’s a chance that we might be able to see both of these teams again in the top two positions. Leicester City also placed 5th among the Premier league teams last season and it was one of their best campaigns ever. Although, they lost their captain to Manchester United, the Foxes still went pretty strong giving the rest of the teams a hardcore competition to follow. It wouldn’t be surprising if the team places among the top contenders in the 2020-21 EPL as well.

 Another team that stood out resilient last season was the Wolves. Even with a total of 59 games (including Europa League) and a comparatively smaller team, they showed great performance last season, securing themselves 7th position in the Premier League. 

Everton, with a couple of new signings this season might have the chance to put up a tough game according to fans, especially after the transfer of James Rodriguez. Even though the team could have used a few more changes to strengthen the midfield, the new transfers are definitely something that can put them back in the game aiming for the top positions. 


Chelsea & Pulisic’s Era

Even though he sustained a hip injury, followed by a hamstring injury during the FA Cup Final, sources have confirmed that he will be back to training and we will most likely get to see him back in his form again as the Premiere League begins. 

With new transfers of world class players like Timo Werner, Ziyech and Havertz, we can only wait and see how Pulisic makes the most of these additions to the team, once he is all good and fit to play. Chelsea’s first match on the EPL is to be held on 14th September 2020 against Brighton, and with all the new changes going on, things are really looking up for team Blue this season. 


Will Fans be allowed back this Season?

As per sources, the fans will be permitted to watch the games maintaining social distance sometime well ahead this year. Even though Manchester United has been in talks with authorities and media departments of the Premier League about letting fans in the soonest at Old Trafford, the matches will still begin without the fans at least until 1st October. 

Nonetheless, if the grounds were to be opened for the fans, an estimation of about 30-50% of them will only be let inside in order to prevent risks of spreading Covid-19.


Matches to be Held on 13th September 

West Bromwich Albion v Leicester 15:00

Tottenham v Everton 17:3