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Mikel Arteta admits uncertainty over his future at Arsenal

Published: Updated: 02:53, 4 Jun 2024
The Spanish tactician will now enter final year of his contract

Mikel Arteta, the current Arsenal manager, has openly admitted to the uncertainty surrounding his future with the club. Despite this, he insists that such uncertainty only serves to motivate him further and keeps his hunger for success alive in the Premier League.

Arteta is set to enter the final year of his contract with Arsenal, a club where he spent five years as a player before returning as its manager in 2019. His tenure has been marked by both triumphs and challenges.

Arteta yet to achieve something big at Emirates

In his first season back at Arsenal, Arteta led the team to victory in the FA Cup final. However, major trophies have since eluded him despite impressive performances from the Gunners in subsequent Premier League campaigns.

During 2022-23 season, Arsenal finished just five points behind Manchester City. They continued their strong performance into last season when they ended just two points behind Pep Guardiola’s side. Guardiola is expected to conclude his remarkable spell at Etihad next summer which adds another layer of uncertainty over Arteta’s future at Arsenal.

When asked about whether he sees himself continuing with Arsenal beyond 2024-25 season during an interview with CNN, Arteta did not provide a definitive answer but expressed optimism about what lies ahead for him and for the team.

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager, said:

‘In football it’s about today and what we’re going to do today and what you hopefully can do tomorrow. [In] this profession I think having this uncertainty is quite helpful. At least it motivates me, keeps me on my toes, and it keeps me hungry to go again.

‘I think we have a great relationship with everybody at the football club. I’m really happy where I am, and things will take care of themselves.’

The quest for Premier League title continues

Arteta plans on leading another formidable challenge for next season's Premier League title. He shared that his squad is eager to end Arsenal’s long wait for a league title which now stands at 21 years. Manchester City are currently considered early favourites to win next year's Premier League title after clinching an unprecedented fourth successive title last season under Guardiola’s leadership.

When questioned if there could be any drop-off from reigning champions Manchester City, Arteta did not provide a direct response but hinted at the unpredictability of the game.

Mikel Arteta added:

‘We have to better them. We are closer. When you see all the metrics we are right there. We’ve been the best team in the league in almost every metric. But there is a margin there that somehow we didn’t control well enough and the league is gone and that’s the level.'

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his future at Arsenal, Mikel Arteta remains motivated and committed to leading his team towards success. The coming season will be crucial in determining whether Arsenal can finally end their long wait for another Premier League title. Regardless of what happens, it's clear that Arteta's passion for the game and dedication to his team remain unwavering.

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