La Liga chief warns that Super League could destroy domestic competitions

Craig Hanson 1 month ago

Spanish top flight president has revealed damning results of an independent report

President of La Liga, Javier Tebas, has said that a future European Super League could "destroy" domestic leagues on the continent, when discussing revelations from a recent report conducted by independent consultancy firm KPMG.

According to the results of KPMG's report, the introduction of the ESL would cost the Spanish top flight 55% of its revenue, and that clubs not participating could lose up to 64% of their value.

The European Super League dropped like a nuclear bomb in April 2021 when 12 of the biggest clubs from Spain, England, Germany and Italy announced that they would be moving forward with a breakaway competition.

After widespread condemnation and protest from fans, stakeholders, governing bodies and even politicians, the vast majority of clubs swiftly backed down from the idea and the issue has rather wilted away since then.

However, two of La Liga's biggest clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid, have not yet formally withdrawn from the idea or the organisation. Tebas believes that were those clubs to proceed with the concept, the consequences for the league and its members would be damning.

Speaking in Madrid, Tebas referenced the results of the report conducted by independent consultants KPMG which found that Real Madrid and Barcelona would each earn €400m for participating. This money would be of great use to two of the most in-debt clubs in the world.

Barcelona, in particular, carry a staggering debt of over €1bn, which likely explains their consistent desire to join the doomed European Super League project, despite almost every other club running for the hills.

On the other hand, those La Liga clubs not fortunate enough to get the ESL invite would face losses of up to 64% according to KPMG's findings.

Javier Tebas, President of La Liga, gave his thoughts on this data:

“The model that they have been talking about in these private meetings, is a semi-open, or should I say, semi-closed model. The financial damage will destroy national leagues in the medium term and also the fans of all Spanish clubs. This is going to happen to all the European leagues. Those domestic leagues with a team in the Super League, they’re going to be dead.”

“The Super League has always been a concept since 2000, a concept that the richest clubs with the most resources are the ones who are going to control football. They [Real Madrid and Barcelona] would earn more but the domestic leagues will lose and continue losing, so they will be losing revenue too in the domestic league.”

The organisation officially behind the project, sports management company A22, is awaiting the outcome of the legal action it has taken in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) against European football governing body UEFA.

While most fans around the world consider the Super League project dead, and those club presidents still hanging on to it deluded, there is the very real possibility it could rear its ugly head again in the future, and several key stakeholders are still pushing for its realisation publicly and legally.

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