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Inter-Juventus match set record on DAZN in Italy

The high profile match saw nearly 2.27 million viewers on DAZN app

The high-profile Serie A match of Inter Milan vs Juventus has set a new record as the most-watched match ever on streaming service DAZN in Italy. The match, held at San Siro stadium, attracted almost 3 million viewers to the platform.

Inter's 1-0 victory over Juventus was watched by an impressive 2.27 million viewers. This figure contributed significantly to the total of nearly 6.6 million viewers recorded for all Sunday matches combined.

These figures were compiled under the Auditel Total Audience system, which provides comprehensive data about television audiences in Italy.

Sunday fixtures turned out to be the game-changer for DAZN

While Inter-Juventus stole the spotlight with its record-breaking numbers, other matches also contributed to DAZN's overall viewership that day. The second-highest viewership was for the match Frosinone vs AC Milan, which drew a respectable audience of 922,698 fans.

On the other end of the spectrum, Empoli and Genoa’s goalless draw had the lowest viewership of all Sunday games with just over 81 thousand spectators tuning in.

The historic Inter-Juventus match was broadcast exclusively on DAZN. This exclusive broadcasting deal undoubtedly played a significant role in driving up viewer numbers as fans flocked to watch their favorite teams battle it out on screen.

Inter are now on course to win Serie A after defeating Juventus

Inter's win put them four points clear of their rivals Juventus - an important step towards securing their potential 20th Serie A title.

Under previous measurement systems such as Nielsen ratings, two other Italian soccer matches had achieved higher viewer numbers than this recent clash between Inter and Juventus. However, these figures are not directly comparable due to differences in measurement methodologies used by different systems.

This record-breaking event is a testament to the growing popularity of streaming platforms like DAZN in broadcasting sports events. It also highlights the intense rivalry and fan interest that matches between top-tier teams like Inter Milan and Juventus generate, making them a valuable asset for broadcasters and advertisers alike.

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