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Gary Neville predicts Erik ten Hag's future at Manchester United

Published: Updated: 20:01, 16 Apr 2024
Neville thinks Ten Hag can save himself with good showing in FA Cup

Former Manchester United captain, Gary Neville, has made a bold prediction about the future of current manager Erik ten Hag. According to Neville, Ten Hag could face dismissal if Manchester United fails to secure victory in this season's FA Cup.

Manchester United is set to go head-to-head with Coventry City in the semi-final match at Wembley on Sunday, April 21. This game comes after a less than stellar 2023/24 campaign for the Reds. The team needs a win not only to boost morale but also possibly secure Ten Hag's position as manager.

Former Manchester United captain, Gary Neville, said:

"They have just got to try get to the end of the season and win the FA Cup which is not going to be easy.

"They have to win next weekend as the season will be over if they don't. Erik ten Hag has got to look at this season whereby he could finish his first two seasons with two trophies in the bank, one in each season. That should never be sniffed at."

The last time Manchester United won the FA Cup was back in 2016 when they triumphed over Crystal Palace after extra-time. Since then, they have reached the final twice but fell short both times against Chelsea and Manchester City in 2018 and 2023 respectively.

A crucial decision for Sir Jim Ratcliffe with new start in mind

Neville believes that Coventry’s match could force club owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe into making a significant decision regarding Ten Hag's future with the club. If they fail to defeat Coventry City and subsequently do not progress to face either Chelsea or City in the FA Cup final, it could spell trouble for Ten Hag.

Gary Neville added:

"There's nothing left to say about some of the League performances we're seeing and some of the things we're watching, the tweets and the likes, we've said it so many times before.

"But what we can say is that Erik ten Hag's future is largely dependent on the FA Cup, as their performances in the League are gone. They are not going to change, now what we are seeing is how they will finish the season it seems like the players have switched off away from home at times.

"At home, they have to turn on as there's 75,000 people who won't allow them to get away with it. The Man United fans, they never stop away from home and they are watching some really dodgy stuff. They never turn against the team or manager and they have been dealt with some right guff. But the FA Cup is everything."

Neville unsure about Ten Hag’s chances for next season

In his podcast, Neville stated that more than just their season is hanging by a thread; so too is Ten Hag’s tenure as manager of one of football’s most prestigious clubs.

The upcoming Coventry City match is more than just another game for Manchester United. It could determine the future of their current manager and set the tone for their performance in subsequent seasons. As sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts, all eyes will be on Wembley come April 21 to see how this prediction plays out.

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