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Footballco announce content partnership with United Soccer League

Published: Updated: 08:45, 7 Mar 2024
USL are looking to strengthen position to compete with MLS

Footballco, a leading sports media company, has recently announced a content partnership with the United Soccer League (USL). This collaboration aims to showcase the USL, an independent football pyramid separate from the franchised Major League Soccer (MLS) in the US.

The partnership will include existing fan and player-led video content formats, original creative features, and news across Footballco brands. The goal is to provide sports fans and betting enthusiasts with comprehensive coverage of all things related to USL matches.

Goal and Mundial, two prominent Footballco brands, will focus on covering men’s divisions. Meanwhile, Indivisa is set to work on the soon-to-be-launched USL Super League and USL W League. This balanced coverage ensures that both male and female soccer leagues receive equal attention.

The upcoming mega events have boosted the US market

Footballco has ambitious plans for expansion in the U.S market. With upcoming major sporting events like Men’s World Cup games and Olympics taking place there along with a potential bid for hosting the next Women’s World Cup; it seems like an opportune time for such strategic moves.

USL chief marketing officer, Greg Lalas, said:

“The USL is the heartbeat of American soccer, and we are thrilled to partner with Footballco to help bring the story of our leagues and our clubs to new fans around the world. Brands like Goal, Mundial, and Indivisa are massively influential in the global soccer community, and as we look to extend our reach both domestically and internationally, we were excited about the opportunity Footballco presents. Likewise, we look forward to supporting Footballco’s strategic expansion in the U.S. This really is a match made in soccer heaven.”

The company's expansion efforts are being supported by investors including private equity firm TPG. In addition to this financial backing, Footballco has also recently expanded its U.S-based executive leadership team along with its editorial staff and sales operations. This move signifies their commitment towards establishing a strong presence in American soccer landscape.

Footballco can help USL unlock their potential in market

This partnership between Footballco and United Soccer League promises exciting times ahead for sports fans as well as those interested in sports betting. It not only offers comprehensive coverage of soccer games but also provides unique insights into players' performances through fan-led video content formats.

Jason Wagenheim, Footballco’s CEO, North America, said:

“The USL is among the most exciting soccer leagues in the United States. As we expand our U.S. footprint, we look forward to connecting at an entirely new level with the clubs, players and fans at the heart of the USL. Our reporting goes beyond just news and scores to cover the intersection of soccer and lifestyle, and there’s a huge opportunity to put the USL at the centre of that storytelling - something we know our audience craves.”

This partnership is a significant step towards Footballco's expansion in the U.S market and it will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of soccer in America.

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