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Arsenal legend questions Mikel Arteta's suitability for manager role

Published: Updated: 06:17, 10 Jun 2024
Jens Lehmann says Arteta lacks character to win big trophies at Emirates

Arsenal legend Jens Lehmann has expressed uncertainty over whether Mikel Arteta is the right fit for the managerial role at Arsenal. This comes in light of two seasons of underwhelming performance at the Emirates Stadium.

Under Arteta's leadership, Arsenal have twice narrowly missed out on clinching the Premier League title to Manchester City. The team has been struggling to secure major silverware, raising questions about Arteta's effectiveness as a manager.

Despite two Community Shield triumphs, Arteta’s only significant achievement since assuming his role five years ago is winning the FA Cup in 2020-21. This lackluster performance has led some to question if he is indeed the best choice for leading Arsenal forward.

Concerns over future performance

Thierry Henry, another revered figure from Arsenal’s past and a former teammate of Lehmann, shares similar concerns about his old club's future under Arteta. He fears that after two gruelling seasons battling cityzens for top-flight supremacy, there may be a drop-off in performance during the 2024-25 campaign.

Arsenal legend, Jens Lehmann, said:

‘Mikel Arteta has done really well bringing Arsenal up but if he is the right man for Arsenal now… I am not sure,’

‘Because you need to prove it. We could have won [the league] twice. Last year they were leading and in [April] they lost it [with three draws and one defeat]. The culmination was when [Bukayo] Saka missed the penalty against West Ham at 2-0 up and it was a draw. It was two points.

‘What people who hire coaches sometimes don’t understand is that the personality of the coach is super important as well. Look at the personality of the coach. Is he a winner or is he a nice guy who brings you to a certain level and then it is over?’

This sentiment echoes that of many sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts who are keenly observing these developments within one of England’s most storied football clubs.

Calls for change at Emirates

Lehmann – who himself won both Premier League and FA Cup titles during his tenure at Arsenal – has now cast doubt over Arteta’s suitability for continuing as manager. He suggests that it might be time for Gunners to consider making a change in their managerial position.

While this view may not be universally shared among all fans or stakeholders within the club, it does highlight growing concerns about whether current strategies are working effectively or if new direction is needed to restore glory days back at Emirates Stadium.

While Mikel Arteta certainly brought some success with him when he took over as manager, the recent seasons have been a disappointment. The concerns raised by Arsenal legends Lehmann and Henry reflect a growing sentiment among fans and sports betting enthusiasts alike that change may be necessary for the club to regain its former glory.

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