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Guide: How to watch the UEFA Champions League for free in the UK with LiveScore

Published: Updated: 16:54, 25 Oct 2022

With a few simple clicks you can enjoy the most elite football competition in the world without spending a penny

You may think you need an expensive subscription to BT Sport to legally watch the UEFA Champions League this season, but that is not the case. If you follow a few easy steps, you can watch the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester City and Barcelona for free for the rest of the season.

You may have heard of LiveScore. It's a website and app dedicated to football scores, stats, news and most importantly live streams. It's fronted by global brand ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo. Well they own the rights to broadcast the UCL in the Republic of Ireland.

If you live in Ireland, you can go ahead and watch every game on desktop via their website or mobile via their handy app. However, fans in the UK can also do the same thing with the help of PureVPN.

For an extremely low cost, drastically less than even a one-month subscription to BT Sport, UK based fans can get access to every UCL game of the season, and what's more, it's totally legal. Here's our step-by-step guide on how to do it:

This guide is written with desktop users in mind, but fans using phones, tablets or any other mobile devices can simply follow this exact same guide with one small difference. Instead of using the LiveScore website and the PureVPN browser extension, download the LiveScore app and the PureVPN app. Aside from that, follow the instructions the same way, and happy streaming!

Join PureVPN (you will need this to access UCL on LiveScore):

- Click our link below to open an account with PureVPN for less than $2 a month!


- After you've signed up for an account, add the PureVPN extension to your browser (e.g. Chrome).
- Then open the PureVPN extension (top right corner of Chrome) and login using your details.

- When the VPN opens, click "Select Country".
- Then type "Ireland" in the search bar at the top.
- Click "Ireland" and wait until it says "connected" on the screen.

- Congratulations! You are now connected to PureVPN and for all intents and purposes, you are in Ireland.

Join LiveScore to watch UEFA Champions League matches:

- Now you are basically in Ireland, you are entitled to watch UCL matches on LiveScore completely free.
- Head to the Livescore homepage by clicking the link below.


- From the homepage, you will see a list of matches happening that day. They are in order of popularity so the UCL matches will be at the top. They will also have a small play button next to them. This means they are available for live streaming.
- Click on the UCL match you want to watch.
- You will be redirected to that match page. At the top you'll see a box asking to "Login" or "Join Now". Click "Join Now".

- On the next page you'll be asked to provide a few details to register. Complete the registration.
- After that you will be logged in. For future reference, follow the same path but login with your details.
- Now return to the same match page as before and you'll see that the "Join Now" option is gone and there is a video box in its place.
- Hit the play button to start watching the match.

- Live streams start about 30 minutes before kick off. If you click play and nothing happens, you're too early, come back later. LiveScore show some promo videos ahead of the game starting about 30 minutes before.
- At kick off time, the match itself will begin.
- Then sit back and enjoy UCL action in all its glory, on a high quality, legal live stream.

Don't forget, you can do the exact same thing on mobile. You just need to download the PureVPN app and follow the same instructions, then download the LiveScore app and follow the same instructions, and you'll be free to enjoy UEFA Champions League action on a multitude of devices for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a month.

LiveScore x PureVPN Review

All in all, our researchers found this to be a fantastic way of watching the UEFA Champions League. It's quite surprising that for less than $2 a month, fans based in the UK can watch UCL action without breaking the law. It really is that simple.

The only other way to legally watch the Champions League is to subscribe to BT Sport, the exclusive rights holder, and we all know how expensive that can be. A lot of fans, especially younger fans, simply can't afford to pay that much, which is why illegal live streaming and piracy continue to flourish.

With the LiveScore x PureVPN method, you don't need to break any laws, or spend time on any of those dodgy illegal football stream sites with tonnes of horrendous pop-ups, the threat of hackers and malware, and the potential of facing police action.

PureVPN is super reliable and does the job. LiveScore present fantastic high quality live streams which don't skip and aren't flooded with other threats and issues like most illegal streaming sites. It's just a fantastic way to enjoy high level football for a fraction of the usual price.

These dedicated LiveScore streams also have their own commentary team covering the action throughout, so it's like watching the game on BT Sport but for FREE!

Don't forget that for less than $2 a month you're not only unlocking the UCL on LiveScore, but also gaining access to geoblocked content from other parts of the world. For example, you can check out the US version of Netflix, Disney+, or perhaps some other streaming platform which isn't available in your region. Once again, all of that is totally legal.

For more info on legal football live streams, stay tuned to Sporticos! We provide links to reliable, legal free live streams of some of the biggest competitions in the world including La Liga, the Bundesliga and Serie A.

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