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Ashlee Kiddell

Staff Writer

Ashlee has held a long-term passion for sport for almost 20 years. He is especially enamoured with football, and a huge Arsenal fan, who first attended the Emirates Stadium in 2007. He has been freelance sports writing now for almost two years, having graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with qualifications in Sport Business Management and Sports Journalism. His recent work has largely been focused on Italian football, having written for the likes of The Cult of Calcio and FootItalia, but he also shares his thoughts and opinions on the Premier League on the weekly podcast 'In the Name of Football'. With keen interests in American football, cricket and horse racing, Ashlee’s passion for sport is ever growing. He also co-hosts a UK-based NFL podcast 'Throw It In Rotation'. From visits to North London, Trent Bridge and to the San Siro, Ashlee has become well travelled in the world of sports too. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge on multiple sports across many countries and we are delighted to have him on the Sporticos team.

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