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Premier League club Wolves launch new podcast The Football Gods

Published: Updated: 16:43, 7 Nov 2023
The show will be produced by Wolves' in-house production company but will not be on the subject of Wolves

Premier League side Wolves and Voiceworks Sport have launched a new podcast, The Football Gods, as part of the Sport Social Podcast Network. The podcast is a unique platform where celebrities are granted godlike power to shape football according to their whims and fancies.

In a strange turn of events, and one that not many fans of apuestas en vivo experts would have seen coming, the podcast won't actually cover the subject of Wolves, at least not solely. It will be on the subject of football more generally.

A new celeb every week on The Football Gods

Each week, a new celebrity guest is invited to the show to discuss their vision for football's past, present, and future. The guests are asked intriguing questions such as which player they would like to smite, or what would be their one football commandment.

This unique concept provides a fresh perspective on the game, making it an engaging listen for sports fans and sports betting fans alike.

In addition to the godlike powers, the show also explores the guests' personal football fandom. It takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane, remembering some of the great, and not so great, sporting moments from their past. This personal touch adds a layer of relatability to the show, making it a must-listen for all football enthusiasts.

The first episode of The Football Gods features former Arsenal and England goalkeeper David Seaman. He joins hosts Kate Mason and Tim Spiers to discuss a number of contentious topics, setting the tone for the engaging discussions to follow in the series.

Kate Mason, host of The Football Gods, said:

“It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of bringing a new show to Sport Social Podcast Network and have the opportunity to engage with fans of the beautiful game. As a huge football fan myself, I’m looking forward to hearing the thoughts of football enthusiasts from a range of backgrounds – however weird and wonderful their ideas! We can’t wait to grow our audience and have some fun chatting to our guests.”

Wolves looking to attract an audience outside of their own fans

The Football Gods is part of a wider strategy by Premier League club Wolves to create content that appeals to a broader audience, not just the club's supporters. The club's internal production house, Wolves Studios, is at the helm of producing this content. This initiative is a testament to Wolves' commitment to engaging with fans on a deeper level, beyond the confines of the football pitch.

Voiceworks Sport, a company that works with numerous rights holders, boasts over 300 podcasts in its Sport Social Podcast Network.

Voiceworks Director of Sport, Jim Salveson, said:

“It’s fantastic to launch this new show in collaboration with Wolverhampton Wanderers. They truly understand the opportunity for Rights Holders within the audio space and its fantastic to be working with them to realise this ambition. The Football Gods is a really ground-breaking show in the world of official club content demonstrating ambition to reach fans outside of the clubs traditional fanbase and tap into the culture around sport rather than just focusing on the action on the pitch.”

With the addition of Wolves, it now collaborates with fellow EPL teams Brighton and Manchester City in launching podcasts this year. This expansion further solidifies Voiceworks Sport's position as a leading player in the sports podcast industry.

The Football Gods is a promising new addition to the sports podcast landscape. With its unique concept, engaging discussions, and the backing of Wolves and Voiceworks Sport, it is set to become a favourite among sports fans and sports betting fans.

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