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Timo Werner says life has changed after Tottenham move

The German striker’s career was going downslope before Tottenham's move

Timo Werner, the German forward, has recently expressed his delight over his loan move from RB Leipzig to Tottenham Hotspur. In an interview with Sky Germany, Werner revealed that he finds Tottenham a perfect fit for him at this point in his career.

Werner's transfer to Tottenham took virtually everyone by surprise except perhaps the player himself. Known primarily as a notable Chelsea flop in the UK, Werner has since been something of a quiet revelation at Tottenham. He is now seen as an intelligent and progressive player who is not expected to shoulder the scoring burden but rather facilitate Spurs' attack.

Timo Werner, Tottenham forward, said:

“The fun has completely returned. I’ve changed a lot as a person; I’ve become much happier. After five games, you can say the transfer has paid off. But the season is still long. I want to build on the initial performances. It has already been worthwhile for the five games, just playing our football in our stadium.

“Sometimes things don’t click between individuals or even between tactics and players anymore. I can’t complain about a few people in Leipzig; the situation just wasn’t working for me. It no longer brought me the joy I had felt for a long time. In Leipzig, it just didn’t fit in the end. That’s why it was the right step for all parties involved that I go to Tottenham. The fact that things are working out so well here, and I immediately feel at home, wasn’t something one would have thought at the beginning.”

This role became particularly crucial during Son Heung-Min’s long Asian Cup absence. According to Werner, this move has been pretty much a perfect fit for him and he's already loving his time in North London compared to his situation at Leipzig.

Ange Postecoglou has helped Werner to restart career

Tottenham head coach Ange Postecoglou seemed to express that Timo’s loan had as much to do with restarting Timo’s career as it did helping out Spurs. This sentiment was echoed by Werner himself who admitted that he wants to get back into the picture for the Germany national team ahead of this summer's European Championships.

However, coming to Spurs was not just about reviving his career; it also involved escaping what he saw as a negative situation in Germany and fulfilling his desire to play progressive football under Postecoglou.

It isn’t very often that former Chelsea players end up at Tottenham Hotspur. The last Spurs players who also had a Chelsea background were William Gallas and Scott Parker which puts Timo in rare company indeed.

Werner was unsure of fan’s reaction because of Chelsea history

Despite being aware of still being warmly regarded by some Chelsea fans, Werner thought about potential implications but concluded that the opportunity was too good pass up on.

The Premier League is a different beast compared to the Bundesliga, and Werner’s past experience playing in England was part of what made him attractive to Spurs as a loan option. He noted that while there are atmospheric differences between German and English football, the biggest difference is that the league in England is just so much faster and more physical.

Timo Werner's move to Tottenham Hotspur has been a win-win situation for both parties. The player has found joy and satisfaction in his new role while Tottenham benefits from his skills and experience. As sports fans eagerly watch this development, it also provides interesting insights for sports betting enthusiasts who closely follow player performance trends.

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