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Premier League to sign four-year media rights deal in next cycle

The English top flight will look to consolidate its revenues by securing an additional year from broadcasters

The Premier League is set to break with tradition by offering a four-year broadcasting deal for the first time, starting from 2025. This move is expected to be well-received by broadcasters, with current rights holders Sky Sports and TNT Sport keen to secure more matches.

The decision to extend the contract by an additional year is a strategic move by the Premier League to ensure stability and financial security amidst the changing landscape of the broadcast market. It is anticipated that Sky and TNT will secure the majority of the matches available.

The Premier League is not perturbed by the financial manoeuvres of the Saudi Pro League, and the upcoming cycle is expected to be the last to adhere to the conventional 3pm blackout.

The new deal will see an unprecedented number of games available for purchase, with up to 270 matches included in the tender document. This includes every fixture scheduled for a Sunday.

This marks the first time in five years that the Premier League has taken its domestic rights to the market. The current three-year cycle, which covers 2022 to 2025, was a continuation of the previous deal agreed upon during the Covid-19 pandemic. Both contracts were valued at approximately £5 billion for the clubs.

The tender for the next cycle of live domestic games is set to be issued later this month. The Premier League's innovative approach to its broadcasting deal reflects its adaptability in an evolving market and its commitment to providing fans with greater access to live games.

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