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ITV to face trouble if Man Utd face Man City in FA Cup final

Published: Updated: 05:22, 21 Mar 2024
The British broadcaster also faced timing dilemma last year in FA Cup final

ITV, a major British broadcaster, could face a significant scheduling issue if Manchester City and Manchester United both reach the FA Cup final in May. This potential problem arises from the clash of two major sporting events that ITV plans to broadcast live.

Manchester City and Manchester United have both advanced into the semi-finals of the FA Cup. They are set to play against Chelsea and Coventry City respectively.

City had an impressive quarter-final performance with Bernardo Silva scoring two goals, while United secured their spot in an exhilarating match against Liverpool, thanks to Amad's last-minute winning goal.

The semi-finals are scheduled for April. If both teams win their respective matches and advance to the final, it would be a repeat of last year's showdown when Pep Guardiola's team clinched the trophy.

If City plays United, the final expected to be rescheduled for 3 p.m.

Last year’s match was initially slated for 5:30 pm but was rescheduled to 3 pm due to concerns about fan convenience. If history repeats itself with City and United reaching the finals again this year, there is a likelihood that kick-off time might be moved earlier once more.

This poses a significant challenge for ITV as they plan on broadcasting this highly anticipated football event live. A 3 pm start would mean that it clashes with another major sporting event - The Champions Cup final in rugby union - which ITV is also committed to showing live according to reports.

The rugby match is scheduled at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at 2:45 pm on the same day as potentially having an all-Manchester FA Cup final. European Rugby Cup Limited, organisers of Champions Cup have stated they have 'no flexibility' regarding changing their final’s kick-off time due primarily because they've chosen this timing strategically so as not clash with other events in France like the Cannes Film Festival and the Coupe de France.

Coventry City’s win will also create problems for ITV

If Coventry City manages to pull off an impressive win over Manchester United, another scheduling issue arises. The Championship play-off final is planned for 26 May, just a day after the FA Cup final.

Coventry City is still vying for a play-off spot, only four points behind sixth-placed Norwich. If they make it to both finals, one of these dates would need to be changed as the FA Cup final date cannot be moved.

While there seems to be more flexibility with changing the date of Championship's big event, Wembley hosting the Champions League final on 1 June complicates matters further. This means that UEFA will take control over Wembley before and after their event which has already caused England to move their first Euro 2024 warm-up game to St James' Park in Newcastle.

ITV faces a potential scheduling nightmare if Manchester City and Manchester United both reach this year’s FA Cup Final due to clashes with other major sporting events. It remains interesting how these issues will be resolved while ensuring an optimal viewing experience for sports fans across Britain.

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