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Gary Lineker compares Kobbie Mainoo with Jude Bellingham

Mainoo has become Manchester United’s integral member in short time

Former England striker and BBC Match of the Day host, Gary Lineker has heaped praise on Manchester United's young midfielder, Kobbie Mainoo. This follows his impressive performance in Saturday's FA Cup final against Manchester City.

Lineker believes that "the sky is the limit" for this promising talent. He even went as far as comparing him to Real Madrid sensation Jude Bellingham. The comparison comes after Mainoo scored a crucial goal in United's 2-1 victory over their rivals at Wembley Stadium.

Rapid development and potential England call-up

Mainoo was instrumental in securing his side's win by netting the second goal of FA Cup final, which was a result of an excellent team move. This marked another milestone in the 19-year-old’s rapidly progressing career.

Former England striker, Gary Lineker, said:

"The sky is the limit, I think, I'm impressed with his remarkable maturity, his confidence. I think he knows how good he is. He reminds me in that sense of Bellingham. I know that's a big shout, but he's two years younger.

"I think he's remarkably talented, I think he will feature in the Euros – I don't know where and when. Gareth [Southgate] was in the stands (at the FA Cup final) and everyone in the ground could see how good he was, how confident he was. You can see he's got almost an aura about him, the right sort of confidence."

Mainoo has shown remarkable development this season and is now being considered for England’s final squad for the European Championship this summer. His debut with England came earlier this year in March where he teamed up with Bellingham in midfield.

There are suggestions that both could join forces again during summer games held in Germany. Lineker noted that Mainoo’s confidence reminds him of Jude Bellingham who is still widely regarded as one of world football’s most exciting young talents.

Impressive season record

The youngster ended his campaign with an impressive record: 32 first-team appearances under his belt, including 24 starts in Premier League matches alone. His last absence from a league fixture dates back to December 9th last year - further testament to his consistent performance and growing importance within Manchester United's squad.

It appears that Kobbie Mainoo has not only caught Gary Lineker’s attention but also made significant strides towards establishing himself as one of football's rising stars. His comparison to Jude Bellingham, a player who has already made his mark on the international stage, suggests that Mainoo's future in football is indeed very promising.

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