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Everton confirm that their 10-point deduction has been reduced to six points

Published: Updated: 16:03, 26 Feb 2024
The Premier League club has released an official statement welcoming the decision of the appeal board in this case

Everton Football Club has confirmed that a three-person appeal board has ruled to reduce their points deduction from ten to six, effective immediately. This decision comes after an independent Premier League Commission initially imposed a ten-point deduction in November.

This news will see Everton jump from 17th to 15th in the Premier League table and their points total rise from 21 points to 25 points. The decision could prove to have a transformative effect on their hopes of top-flight survival.

The club is still processing the implications of this decision but expressed satisfaction with the outcome of their appeal. The Appeal Board deemed the original ten-point deduction inappropriate when compared against available benchmarks, including relevant EFL regulations and the nine-point deduction typically imposed under Premier League rules in cases of insolvency.

The appeal board's decision comes in the wake of significant fan protests at Goodison Park which have been going on for months.

In addition to reducing the points sanction, Everton was particularly pleased with another aspect of the Appeal Board’s decision. The board overturned an initial finding by the Commission that accused Everton of failing to act in utmost good faith. This reversal was a significant point for Everton during its appeal process and left them feeling vindicated for pursuing it.

Second points deduction still hanging over the Toffees

Despite this positive outcome, Everton remains committed to cooperating fully with ongoing Premier League proceedings related to accounting periods ending in June 2023. While they are still considering the broader implications of this decision, they have chosen not to comment further at this time.

Everton, as well as fellow Premier League relegation battlers Nottingham Forest, are still facing the possibility of a further points deduction for supposed breaches of the Premier League's Profit and Sustainability rules. For now, they can celebrate this victory, but they are looking over their shoulder awaiting another potential big blow.

The club took a moment amidst these developments to express gratitude towards its Fan Advisory Board and other fan groups who have been supportive throughout this process. They also thanked all 'Evertonians' for their continued support and patience during these challenging times.

This recent development marks a significant turn for Everton Football Club as it navigates through complex regulatory waters while maintaining its commitment towards fair play and transparency.
While there may be more hurdles ahead for Everton in respect to ongoing proceedings brought by Premier League authorities, fans can take solace from knowing that this particular charge has at least been somewhat mitigated.

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