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Apple plan to introduce MLS Season Pass app for Android users

Apple’s move can backfire considering direct competition of IOS with Android

Apple, the tech giant known for its exclusivity, is reportedly planning to expand its reach by introducing the MLS Season Pass app to Android users. This move comes as a surprise considering Apple's historical reluctance in sharing key services with their main competitor platform.

Launched in 2019, Apple TV+ was designed as a direct competitor to streaming giants like Netflix and Hulu. The company invested heavily in creating original content and expanding its video library. A significant part of this investment was their partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS).

In a landmark deal ahead of the 2023 season, Apple secured a 10-year agreement with MLS that made them the global home of North America's top-flight soccer league. The subscription-based service, MLS Season Pass, offers access to all regular season and playoff matches along with access to MLS Next Pro - the third tier of United States soccer league system.

Mixed reviews on user experience

The success rate of MLS Season Pass remains ambiguous due to lack of official disclosure from Apple regarding subscriber figures or revenue generated from this streaming service.

Since its launch over a year ago, user reviews have been mixed. While some fans appreciate the high production value and features like 'MLS 360' which provides comprehensive coverage every Saturday matchday; others express dissatisfaction over lack of original soccer content and high subscription cost ($14.99 per month or $99 annually). One major concern among fans has been limited accessibility for Android users - an issue that may soon be resolved.

Potential impact on iPhone sales

Apple's decision to hire an engineer specifically for bringing their television and sports app onto Android devices is indeed significant. Despite having dominance over high-end smartphone market share, they lag behind when it comes down to overall global users compared with Android due largely because multiple smartphone companies use this operating system coupled with typically lower price tags.

Android boasts over 3 billion users worldwide, compared to Apple's 2.2 billion devices. In the United States alone, Android holds a 40% market share which jumps to 70% on a global scale. Apple's move towards opening its television streaming services to its biggest rival could potentially lead to lower iPhone sales. However, it also presents an opportunity for increasing their overall subscriptions for Apple TV+ and MLS Season Pass.

While Apple has not officially released their MLS Season Pass subscription totals, the decision to potentially include the app on Android suggests they are looking for ways to boost paid memberships. This move signifies a strategic shift in Apple’s approach towards competition and customer accessibility.

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