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Apple launch free MLS Season Pass trial for former subscribers

Apple are looking to make most of recent big hype due to Messi

In an unprecedented move for the 2024 season, tech giant Apple is offering a free trial of the MLS Season Pass. However, this offer comes with a significant caveat that limits its accessibility.

The redemption code for this free trial is exclusively available to users who subscribed to the MLS Season Pass in the previous year. This strategy aims at enticing these former subscribers back onto their platform by providing them with one month of a new MLS Season Pass subscription at no cost. Selected subscribers should have already received an email from Apple containing a unique code that grants them one month of free access.

This promotional campaign follows last year's surge in subscriptions when Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami, attracting droves of fans to subscribe to the MLS Season Pass. The introduction of this new promotion suggests that many customers may not have renewed their subscriptions.

Apple have played a smart game with pricing and trial

After enjoying a month-long taste of what the MLS Season Pass has to offer, returning subscribers will be automatically enrolled into a $14.99 monthly subscription plan - making it one of the more expensive options available on completion of their complimentary access period.

This marks the first time both MLS and Apple have collaborated to provide free access to their streaming platform since its inception. Last season saw several opportunities for fans to gain complimentary access through various deals; however, none were as financially beneficial as those previously offered by T-Mobile.

Apple has reassured users that they can cancel their subscription anytime - an advantage inherent in opting for monthly subscriptions despite being more costly overall. Post-free trial, users will need to pay $14.99 per month while annual subscribers enjoy savings up-to $50 across an entire season with just $99 per annum fee. Moreover, additional savings are available for existing Apple TV+ subscribers who can avail themselves of reduced rates - $12.99 per month or $79 annually.

Messi has rejuvenated the box office for MLS viewers

Lionel Messi, the star player of Inter Miami, is being promoted as the primary reason to subscribe to MLS Season Pass. Apple's promotional email sent to former subscribers prominently featured Messi in the graphic heading, reinforcing his status as a major draw for fans.

Many recipients of this email likely subscribed last season specifically to watch Messi's performance. After dominating in the Leagues Cup matches upon his arrival, he is now embarking on his first full stint in the United States - an exciting prospect for soccer enthusiasts worldwide.

While Apple's free trial offer may be limited in its reach, it presents a unique opportunity for former subscribers and Lionel Messi fans alike to enjoy exclusive access to Major League Soccer action at no cost - at least for one month.

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