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Apple introduce key plays feature to MLS season pass

Fans now will have access to previous events from game even after joining in mid

Apple has recently launched a new feature for soccer enthusiasts who stream matches on MLS Season Pass. This comes after the tech giant's massive deal with the North American league, which led to the creation of an over-the-top streaming service that hosts every single Major League Soccer (MLS) game on TV until at least 2032.

The streaming service, in place since the start of the 2023 season, now includes a 'Catch Up' feature. This allows viewers who join late to review previous events from earlier in the game. Users joining an ongoing live stream can access specific highlights that directly influenced the match's scoreline.

This new option, labeled as Key Plays, is available when users select an ongoing game. It can be accessed from both - main menu in the MLS Season Pass app and at any other time during a match from within video player controls menu.

Availability and compatibility

Currently, this feature is only available on Apple devices such as Apple TV, iPad and Mac. However, fans using other platforms like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation Xbox and other smart TVs will have access to Key Plays within a few months.

The highlights for this feature are created automatically with iOS 17.6 beta update focusing mainly on actual goals scored during games but also including crucial moments like red cards or penalty incidents that define a match's outcome.

Key Plays mirrors similar features used by NBC Sports for broadcasting Premier League matches via their Peacock platform since 2022. Peacock currently streams around 175 Premier League matches each season while providing on-demand access to all fixtures in its division.

User experience & pricing concerns

Despite mixed reviews about MLS Season Pass since its launch - particularly regarding its commentator lineup and pricing structure - many users have praised its sound and visual quality along with shows like MLS 360 and MLS Countdown.

Apple TV+ subscribers can purchase the service for $12.99 per month or $79 each season, while non-Apple TV+ users are charged $14.99 per month or $99 annually. This pricing has been criticized as being higher than other platforms like Peacock and Paramount+, which also offer quality soccer content.

Despite these criticisms, Apple is making significant improvements to its soccer streaming service. The addition of the Key Plays feature is a step in this direction, and plans have been announced to extend MLS Season Pass availability to Android users soon.

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