Asian handicap 0.5 explanation

Betting sites offer more value with Asian handicap wagers, so these are a key option.

Sports betting fans who want to maximise their potential profits need to know how and when to use Asian handicap bets - which are sometimes styled as AH bets on sportsbooks.

This ultimate guide to Asian handicap 0.5 bets will tell you everything you need to know.

Comprehensive guide to Asian handicap 0.5

While the Asian handicap 0.0 as Draw No Bet wager, the AH 0.5 option is a little bit different. But there is no need to worry, as we will explain it all in detail right here.

The first thing to understand with the Asian handicap is there are full, half and quarter lines.

Asian handicap 0.0 or 1 would be an example of a full line. You can see this as it is a round number, so this is quite easy to understand.

It therefore logically follows that Asian handicap 0.5 would be considered a half handicap, while Asian handicap 0.25 would be a quarter handicap.

So what does it mean to place a half handicap bet on the AH markets on sportsbooks?

We will get on to exactly how Asian handicap 0.5 bets work in the next section of this guide.

How does AH 0.5 work?

With 0.5 bets on the Asian handicap, it means the team or player you choose to back to win starts with a 0.5 advantage, whether that is in goals or points.

In the event of a Brasileiro Serie A game between Flamengo and Palmeiras, if you wanted to bet on the Flamengo at 0.5 on AH markets, the score at the kick-off would be Flamengo 0.5 Palmeiras 0.

This means that if the final result was 0-0, the handicap would result in an Flamengo victory.

If the team you have chosen to bet on loses the game, even if it by a single goal, it means this wager would be a loser. But if it is a draw, the bet is still a winner due to the handicap involved.

With 0.5 handicap betting, it is possible to back underdogs and get good value with bookmakers, so it is always worth checking them out to see if the price is worth taking on a sportsbook.

And as always, it is recommended to shop around with betting sites for the best value AH odds.

Odds and examples of using AH 0.5

To go deeper into how Asian handicap 0.5 bets work, let's go back to the example we used above: a Brasileiro Serie A game between Flamengo and Palmeiras.

Let's say that the game is expected to be a close clash and there is little between Flamengo and Palmeiras in the standard betting odds that are widely available on gambling websites.

Flamengo 0.5 may therefore be offers at a price of around the evens mark, which would be shown as 2.0 on betting websites due to the fact that decimal prices are used in the AH options.

A bet of £10 - or whatever currency a sports fan is using - would therefore result in returns of £20 if the bet was to be a winner.

For that to be the case, Flamengo would only have to avoid defeat due to the handicap involved.

Even if the match itself ended in a 0-0 draw, the Flamengo 0.5 Asian handicap would mean they essentially won the game 0.5-0 in terms of the bet.

If Palmeiras were to win the game, though, then a 0.5 Asian handicap bet would still lose.

Summary of Asian handicap 0.5

Our guide should have made the Asian handicap 0.5 meaning clear as this is not a bet type that is too difficult to understand.

There are a couple of other options to keep an eye on, however, such as the 0.0 0.5 Asian handicap. This involved a split stake where part of the bet is on AH 0.0 and part on 0.5 AH.

Seeing something called the alternative Asian handicap 0.5 on betting websites can also confuse matters. But this can be ignored really as AAH 0.5 is simply an alternative option.

In summary, 0.5 handicap betting is an excellent choice for those seeking the best value when shopping around for the best bets on gambling websites.

AH 0.5 offers better value than most standard bet to win markets, so they are well worth considering when placing bets on sports matches.

It is important to be clear on the Asian handicap 0.5 meaning before starting, though, which this comprehensive guide to AH betting should have helped a lot with.

As usual, the best way to learn is by trying these bets out for yourself, at small stakes at first.