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Robert Gredzinski

Staff Writer

A football aficionado obsessed with obscure stats and interesting stories from around the footballing globe, Rob previously wrote for other publications including Realsport101. Always an avid writer in other circles, Rob is keen to find the story-behind-the-story and occasionally bring you a sideways-glance at the beautiful game, especially when it comes to sports streams news. As a huge Aston Villa fan, Rob keeps a close eye on the English Premier League, but his expertise in football and sport doesn't stop there. He brings a wide array of knowledge on European football, sports business and several other topics which are of great interest to our readers.

Liverpool vs Man United - Battle of the pundits

In this classic 'who would win' scenario, we'll take a look at a hypothetical 5v5 match we would all love to see involving broadcasting giants; Sky Sports and BT Sport's main punditry teams. The twist? We've split them up into the teams they featured for most prominently during their playing careers - Liverpool and Manchester United.The teamsFormer Liverpool and Manchester United players dominate this broadcasting sphere, so those two behemoths of the English game will serve as the format for ou...

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