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Paul Pogba faces a yearlong ban from football for a doping violation

Published: Updated: 15:40, 29 Feb 2024
The former Manchester United midfielder will be 35 years old when he is allowed to return to the game

Paul Pogba, the renowned Juventus and former Manchester United midfielder has been handed a four-year ban from football due to a doping violation. The ban comes as a result of a failed drug test in August 2023.

The doping violation traces back to Juventus' 3-0 victory over Udinese last August. During this match, the French international was found to have elevated levels of "non-endogenous testosterone metabolites". These findings were consistent with the exogenous origin of the target compounds, indicating the potential use of performance-enhancing drugs.

In addition to this initial finding, Pogba's B-sample also tested positive for these substances. This led Italian authorities to call for an extensive four-year ban on the World Cup winner.

Pogba intends to appeal the decision again

Pogba had previously appealed against a provisional suspension handed out by Italy’s anti-doping agency Nado in September 2023. Despite this confirmed four-year ban, he intends to appeal once again.

Pogba and his team have staunchly defended themselves against allegations of knowingly taking any performance-enhancing drugs. His agent, Rafaela Pimenta expressed certainty that Pogba would "never want to break a rule" upon hearing about the positive A-sample results.

This ban presents significant implications for Pogba's career trajectory. He now faces life without football until he is 35 years old - an age at which many professional players retire or are nearing retirement. If his appeal proves unsuccessful, it could spell an early end for his illustrious football career.

The case surrounding Paul Pogba's doping violation serves as another reminder about the strict regulations governing sports and their enforcement by relevant authorities such as Nado in Italy. It underscores how crucial it is for athletes at all levels not only to be aware of these rules but also to adhere strictly to them.

The outcome of Pogba's appeal will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for Serie A club Juventus, Premier League side Manchester United, and football at large.

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