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Kate Abdo opens up about Jamie Carragher's comments and boyfriend’s feud

CBS presenter acknowledged feeling hurt by Liverpool legend's comments

CBS Sports presenter, Kate Abdo, recently opened up about an awkward on-air incident involving Liverpool legend Jaime Carragher. The incident occurred during the coverage of Arsenal's Champions League Round of 16 clash with FC Porto and left a sour taste in Abdo's mouth.

Carragher attempted to crack a joke about Abdo's loyalty to her partner Malik Scott, which ended up creating an uncomfortable situation for both her and the viewers at home. Despite resolving the matter on air the following day, it was clear that Carragher’s comments had hurt Abdo.

Kate Adbo, CBS Sports presenter, said:

"That one went a little bit sideways. I felt a little bit hurt but it is what it is. You move on. We talked about it, we're all good, nothing really to talk about."

Abdo cleared air around Malik's physical altercation with Carragher

Following this awkward exchange, fans speculated that there might be a physical altercation between Malik Scott - who is also a trainer for boxer Deontay Wilder - and Liverpool legend. However, these rumors were quickly put to rest by Abdo herself in the same interview.

Kate Adbo added:

"Malik does not want to fight Jamie. Malik and Jamie are cool. I understand why Malik said what he said but I think also if you read the full extent of what he said he was super respectful.

"He just said, you know, like anybody would say, if anything was said in the future that crossed the line, I'd want to have a conversation man to man. I think that's a normal thing. I think the headlines that [said] "I'll turn up in a physical fashion" - that was a little overstated. But Malik is so secure as a person. Nothing rattles him."

Business as usual at CBS Sports now

Despite this hiccup in their professional relationship, it seems that business continues as usual at CBS. Both Kate Abdo and Jamie Carragher continue to work amicably on air together.

This incident serves as a reminder of how important it is for sports presenters to maintain professionalism while engaging in banter or humor during live broadcasts. It also highlights how such incidents can lead to unnecessary speculation among fans.

While this episode may have been uncomfortable for all parties involved initially; it has been handled professionally by both parties involved ensuring minimal disruption in their working relationship.

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