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Jurgen Klopp reveals his summer plans post Liverpool tenure

Published: Updated: 06:26, 20 May 2024
The German coach plans to take a long vacation with his family in summer

Jurgen Klopp's Summer Plans Jurgen Klopp, the iconic manager of Liverpool, has revealed his plans for the summer following his departure from the club. After a successful nine-year stint at Anfield, which saw him win eight trophies and create countless memorable moments for fans, Klopp is set to leave after the final Premier League game of this season against Wolves.

Klopp's tenure at Liverpool has been nothing short of extraordinary. Over nine years, he led the team to eight major victories and firmly established himself as one of Liverpool's most iconic managers. His departure is sure to be an emotional event for both him and fans alike.

The German manager began his career with Mainz before moving on to Borussia Dortmund where he spent seven years each. He left Dortmund at the end of 2014-15 season and took over Liverpool in October 2015. This means that over a span of 23 years, Klopp had only a few months off work.

Klopp to spent time with family in Germany

Speaking ahead of his final game in charge of Reds, Jurgen Klopp shared what he intends to do during his time away from football. The primary focus will be spending more time with his wife Ulla. The couple plans on splitting their time between their villa in Mallorca and their home in Germany.

At age 56, Klopp expressed excitement about living life normally again outside football management and fulfilling family roles that have taken a backseat due to professional commitments.

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager, said:

'One hundred per cent (I'm looking forward to being a husband, a father and a grandfather), I can't wait to be that. It's all good. How I said, I can't wait for life, for the life after the career and now let's see what that means to me.

'People ask me, "What are you (going to do?)". I just don't know. I never had it, so let's give it a try and then I tell you.'

A well-deserved break for German tactician

After dedicating nearly two decades towards managing football teams without significant breaks, this upcoming period marks an important phase in Jurgen Klopp’s life – one where he can finally take some well-deserved rest while enjoying quality family time.

His contribution towards making Liverpool one of the best teams in the world will always be remembered by sports enthusiasts worldwide - not just Reds' supporters. As Klopp steps into a new chapter of his life, fans will eagerly await his return to the world of football, whenever that may be.

Jurgen Klopp's departure from Liverpool marks the end of an era. His plans for a normal life away from football management reflect his desire for balance and family time after years of relentless dedication to the sport. This summer promises to be a refreshing change for Klopp as he transitions from being an iconic manager to enjoying everyday life with family.

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