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The New Saints vs Connah's Quay

13/10/2020 at 14:45

The New Saints vs Connah's Quay live stream

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Betting Tips

The New Saints
Avg. goals scored at home
2.86 goals

Connah's Quay
Avg. goals scored away
1.86 goals

The New Saints
When leading 1-0 at home, they win
8/9 matches

Connah's Quay
Have scored goal in second half in consecutive games
6/9 matches

The New Saints
When losing 0-1 at home, they win
4/9 matches

Connah's Quay
When leading 1-0 away, they win
6/9 matches

Connah's Quay
When losing 0-1 away, they win
2/9 matches

The New Saints
Score 20% of their goals between

Connah's Quay
Score 26% of their goals between

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