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Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad: Where to Watch in UK

Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad kicks off Match Day 2 at the Anoeta. The champions will be playing against a side who will be licking their wounds against an ill-fated draw against Real Valladolid. Free live streaming of the match will available for the passionate football fans of today.

Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid |

Some would make football predictions that Real Madrid will have the upper hand as they were given an additional week to prepare after their tiring Champions League campaign that stretched beyond the timeline due to unfortunate affairs of the Covid-19 that ravaged the entire footballing community. Zinedine Zidane and his team are now ready and eagerly waiting to start off their season. What better way to defend their title than kicking off the season with a victory?

Real Sociedad will be shy against their opponent, with missing several players from the squad and being separated from Real Madrid with 21 points in La Liga last season. The Royals even struggled to get a place in the Europa League, falling behind with 14 points. 

Real Madrid is still in the middle of shaping up their squad, as the transfer window is still open. Having lost Hakimi, they have lost depth in the lower middle-flank. 

Who Has A Better Chance to Win?

Real Madrid and Real Sociedad played each other three times in the last season. Two of the matches were in La Liga, and the other match was a Copa Del Rey match. The champions won their league matches, while their counter-part shocked them in cup games. 

Los Blancos won the game 3-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu. Willian Jose opened the scoring on the second minute, before conceding three goals from Karim Benzema, Federico Valverde and Luka Modric. The second leg at Anoeta ended in a 2-1 win to Real Madrid. Ramos and Benzema did the honour. 

A couple of wins in the league doesn’t weigh the scale in Real Madrid’s favour. As in the last six games, Real Sociedad’s record shows 3W-0D-3L in all competitions. You should not be missing out this match, free live streaming are available in multiple sites

The last four games between them averaged in 2.5 goals, and both the team have found the net in each of the matches. 

What to look for throughout the season?

Real Madrid will be doing everything in their might to defend their title. After an end to the much “simulated” drama of Lionel Messi, Barca seems weakened, especially after a troubled season. However, two goals by Messi last week might indicate otherwise. 

Real Madrid will have it easy compared to the competition they faced in the last decade and a half, due to weaker opponents. Real Sociedad’s mission will be to qualify for the Europa League and stay in the mid-table. 

Where to Watch the Match in the UK?

Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad:

Live stream of this football match would be available here.

Premier Sports TV: 20th September. 8:00 PM

LaLiga TV: 20th September. 8:00 PM