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Online Football Betting Trends

Online betting on football has always been one of the most popular sports to bet on both in the era when real-world bookmakers were massive, as well as now with online sportsbooks, thanks to the rise of I-gaming. Part of the reason for this is due to the wide amount of versatility you can enjoy when playing at online sportsbooks. This versatility has led to industry-wide trends that are frequently followed when betting on football and, in this article, you will find out about just a few of which are worth getting involved in.


Accumulators are what most people are betting on football with. Even if you do not have a wide knowledge of online betting, or even of football, these are great fun to get involved in as they are easy to get familiar with and have some very nice pay-outs if you bet wisely. Essentially, they will require you to predict the results of a football game with the promise of a heightened pay-out if they all come home. They are simple and fun to use but paying attention to the form of the teams you’re betting on is your best formula for success and obviously, while the more games you bet on increases the pay-out, it also heightens the risk.

More Than Just Final Scores

People in recent years have grown tired of placing bets simply on the results of the game and now more and more players are choosing to bet on other events that happen in the game. For example, betting on things like players getting yellow cards, to score from inside or outside the box or anything else that can happen over the course of a game. These are beneficial as they can see you capitalise on more acute factors of the game that you have a knowledge of. These usually have higher odds, and you can find out how odds work and win real money at online casinos in Canada.

Bet in-play

Online sports betting has now also made it so that you don’t have to make a bet before the game has started and, instead, you can watch the action unfold, get a measure of where the game is heading and then jump in as and when you see fit. This gives you more control than ever before as you can adjust your betting to what you see happening before your eyes. Many bookmakers even offer special bet in-play odds on certain events so that is a nice little extra benefit too.

Early Cash-Out

Early Cash-out allows you to remove those last-minute hairy moments from your life for good and take your money and run whenever you feel like it. And so, if you have a bet on a 1-1 finish and one team is looking likely to score then you can opt to take the bet at 1-1, at the cost of a lower pay-out rather than lose the bet altogether. Naturally, you want to use this wisely as if you do it prematurely you may be kicking yourself.

These are just some of the common trends people at online sports betting venues have been following lately and no doubt more will come out soon. However, for now, try out of these and see how you get on.