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Best Sports Themed Slots Games in 2018

So, you love sports and spend your free time playing slots? What’s your favorite sport? Scratch that, it doesn’t matter. There is an online slot game for every sports fan. Not your average Poky with sports-themed symbols, modern games that make slots resemble real sports.

Football Champions Cup

Since the world cup only cups once in four years, you may want a game that reminds you of the regular competitions. This game by NetEnt puts together a slew of football symbols such that it playing the game reminds you of the Champions League. If you want more football tournaments, play online casino games at the top gambling sites. You’ll find a slot themed after every major football tournament.

You win by matching the player pictured in front of a ball three to five time, a whistle or football shoes. Matching a ball with the word wild three to five times increases your winnings even more. However, Football Champions Cup isn’t your average slot. It invokes the real football spirit as you chase the trophy with your favorite team. 

Soccer Safari

Soccer Safari takes you into the wild with this football game. Foxes, elephants, and buffalos are your teammates as you compete in the league of slots. You score a goal by matching foxes with the word ‘Goal’ on three or more reels.

At the background of the five-reel game is a gigantic football stadium packed with scores of fans. They cheer at you and blow Vuvuzelas to ignite a real-world football game. The slot is inspired by the 2010 world cup, hence the vuvuzelas

In addition to Vuvuzela, this slot comes with 30 pay lines and lots of scatter symbols. When you match symbols like the zebra or the world cup trophy, you earn free spins and real money. If you don’t want to spend, the game can also be played free of charge in some casinos.

Center Court

If you look forward to Wimbledon every year, you might love Center Court. A tennis game designed for every fan. It’s fun and brings out the tennis superstar in you. The game comes with five reels and 9 lines. You win by matching scatter symbols like the match point logo. Letters J, Q, K, and the letter ‘A’ are also symbols in the game even though you win by matching tennis-themed symbols. 

One unique feature of Center Court is that you can earn up to 1000 times your bet. Very few games allow you to win such amounts. Additionally, your wins are multiplied regularly and you get 18 spins for matching 3-5 tennis balls. 

Hockey Hero

If you have what it takes to be a hockey hero, this game is for you.  A five-reel game with animated characters as the stars, this game takes you through every step of the hockey game. The usual letter symbols appear on Hockey hero but the goal is to match ice hockey shoes, players and goal nets.

With 40 pay lines, scoring isn't the only way you win on Hockey Hero. You get 5 free spins by matching three-goal nets. You earn real money by matching the players and enjoy the game whether you win or lose. 

Basketball Star

Summon the NBA legend in your by producing a variety of famous moves on your win to a championship. Designed by Microgaming, this game contains everything great with the game of basketball. A court lies behind with jubilant fans. The players aren’t real NBA legends but they are stars, making all the great moves you probably wish you could do.

Of course, Basketball Star wouldn’t bring out the game’s spirit with sneakers. In addition to the players and water bottles, the sneakers make up the game’s symbols. You win a variety of items by matching the symbols. If you want to increase your earnings, simply activate the rolling wheels. The reels will continue spinning after you win, increasing your prizes. 

Frankie Dettori’s Magnificent Seven

For many sports and slots fans, this games ranks at the top of the best sports-themed games. A classic inspired by the legendary horse racer under the same name, Frankie’s slot game is simply fantastic. It doesn’t matter whether you watched the Italian race or not. If you love horse racing, you’ll love the game.

At the core of it are five reels with classically themed symbols and colors. Numbers and letters are painted in jungle green. The bottom area where you view the lines and spin the reels takes the brown color of varnish. The graphics aren't very advanced also but the game is full of entertainment.

The game takes you into horse racing tournaments where your goal is to escort Frankie for the wins. Along the way, match 3-5 scatter symbols for chances to win free spins and real money. 

Racing for Pinks

Racing for Pinks is a free to play online game you can find on almost every online casino. The game was designed by Microgaming. It contains five reels and three rows and 243 ways to win. So, when you start racing, be certain there is no way you’ll come out without a win. 

The game’s name comes from the pink slips, the name for the documents that prove car ownership. You win by matching tool boxes, the huge engine, a nitrous oxide and six different types of cars. Each spin on the game is like a ride on a racing circuit. 

You earn free spins by matching the Free Spins Girl on the first and fifth reel. The number of spins won differ but they can be as high as 30 on your lucky day. The spins can also be multiplied for a maximum of five times, giving you enough time to race for hours. Fortunately, the rewards increase the more you race. Winning five races earns you the grand prize and a bet that can be multiplied up to 175 times.

To Conclude

Any sports fan that also gambles on part-time shouldn't feel bored playing slots. There is a game designed after every major sport. The top games immerse you into the sports world, helping you win games and money at the same time. Some of the games are free of charge while most of them can be wagered with as little as $1.